Book Review: Beast by Bill Bennett

The final installment in The Palace of Fires trilogy.

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Published on the 3rd of September 2019 by Penguin Books Australia.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Thriller Fiction.

Australian RRP: $19.99

Page Count: 412

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Penguin Books Australia:

The thrilling final book in acclaimed Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett’s dark witchcraft series, Palace of Fires.

The thrilling conclusion to acclaimed Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett’s dark witchcraft series will keep you riveted and enthralled to the very last page.

To prepare herself for the final climactic battle between dark and light, Lily goes to a remote region of Japan to study under a legendary ninja grand master. But she returns as the Golden Order is about to unleash Ganglia, a disturbance designed to kill thousands and wreak global havoc. Can Lily’s own powers of witchcraft pass the ultimate test in a deadly confrontation with the Beast, son of Satan come to earth?

She spun around and saw a shape in shadow. Dark on dark. Gleaming eyes and teeth, with an old dank smell of gravesites and death. Then a sudden glint of metal – a sword. The moonlight shifted. Lily gasped and stepped back from the Fallen Priest. He was holding the Soul Cutter.

My Review:

I recieved a copy of Beast, along with Initiate and Unholy, from Penguin Books Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I can hardly believe that The Palace of Fires trilogy has now concluded! This trilogy completely gripped me by surprise in the best ways, and I definitely feel like I’ll miss these characters! It’s funny, I found myself not being the biggest fan of Baphomet priestess Kritta during Initiate, but I found myself feeling so emotional for her and what she goes through in this book! All throughout, I was wondering what would happen with her character and her two precious familiars, Andie and Bess, all of whom embrace their ferocity so boldly! Her chapters were so engaging as they have been in the previous two books, though there was definitely reminisce of Kritta’s banter with The Hag, which took place in Initiate, only now in Beast, she is finding herself up against a potentially even more dangerous and powerful enemy!

The development of Beltane was quite interesting to read, meeting her in Unholy as The Hag’s protege, who would teach her all her endless wealth of knowledge, and I found myself enjoying their scenes in Unholy, but in Beast, I couldn’t wait for Belt to meet her end! After her crucial ploy in the fate of Angela Maguire, I couldn’t believe her character and how much hatred she must have built up within herself against goodness and her sheer determination to take the world over in her dark ways. This statement actually brings me back to Kritta, thinking that if the two weren’t so proud and competitive, they definitely would have been fierce allies! Their other common factor is that they’re both competing for the affections of Kevin Johnstone, who’s overall character development definitely took a pleasant turn as we find out where his true loyalties lay all along!

Lily, as per always, remained every bit as fierce and brave as she always has been and to see her develop from just a young teenage girl to fully fledged Witch was just so thrilling and satisfying!! In Beast, Lily finds herself facing the titular demon that has been haunting her dreams for so long, the very same creature who was at the dealing exchange of Lily’s ancestor, the founding member of Cygnet, Jeanett Maguire.

But it’s not just The Beast that Lily needs to worry about, there’s someone hot on her heels, promising to kill her when Lily is a worthy warrior, brave enough to fight this person to the death, for the Book of Light, which is of course the Cygnet spellbook which gets handed down from generations to generations, containing all of their worldly magic. Definitely all throughout this book, whether it was the page time of Lily, Kritta, Belt, or even the newly introduced The Pull (who literally pulls his victims limb from limb, honestly, the descriptions leave little to the imagination, it’s insane!), or of course Oliver and Marley, Cygnet’s recent recruits, or geek Gummi and spy extraordinaire, Kee, this one was a final installment that I could not put down!

The writing all throughout felt like it was building up to one epic battle of good vs evil, dark vs light, and truthfully, whilst from the very beginning I have always been team Cygnet, I was so scared for Lily as she was going up against some pretty terrifying opponents! She never once wavered in fear though, which is pretty commendable, and this trilogy will be still staying in my mind for time to come! I had not heard of it, truthfully, until that day when the parcel arrived on my doorstep containing these three books, so once again a huge thank you to Penguin Books Australia for sending me the trilogy to read and review!

Happy Reading,


About Bill Bennett (from Penguin Books Australia):

Bill Bennett began his career as a journalist at the ABC – and later segued into independent production as a writer/director, making documentaries and feature films. He’s won numerous awards both in Australia and internationally, and his movies have been invited to some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. He’s an adjunct professor of creative industries at one of Australia’s leading universities, and lives in Mudgee, Central New South Wales, with his wife Jennifer. He is the author of Palace of Fires: Initiate and Palace of Fires: Unholy is the second book in this gripping thriller series about modern witchcraft.

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