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Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

Book 2 in A Court of Thorns and Roses

Published: 2016 by Bloomsbury Publishing

Pages: 626

Rating: 5 stars

My thoughts:

This book is perfection. All the perfection. This was my third read of this book, and I’ll tell you it’s definitely not going to be my last. 

There are not enough words to express my love for this series, this book world and its characters. 

Sarah J Maas is a queen, she never ceases to amaze me with this book and the more I re read them, the more I love them. Some stories you just never get sick of reading and this series is definitely one of them. 

This book essentially picks up where A Court of Thorns and Roses left off, but as we read in the early stages we learn that it has been a year since those horrors from Under the Mountain took place.

I instantly felt my heart ache for Feyre, she felt so trapped at the Spring Court, Tamlin is so protective of her, so she’s hardly allowed out the house, for his fear of something happening to her, yet he can’t see that this is causing all the more damage to her. 

I want to keep this vague to avoid spoilers, but let’s just say we have a wedding crasher of the finest specimen. And it’s at The Night Court where Feyre starts to heal slowly and realise that she is her own person and doesn’t have to listen to Tamlin. 

It’s also here that she meets Rhys’s Inner Circle, Mor and Amren, his first and second in command; both such wicked, sassy and fabulous ladies, though I’m itching to know what Amren’s true form is. And Azriel and Cassian, I love every one of the Inner Circle and I think they’re all precious. Each of the Circle members compliment one another, and they are like a family, their bond and loyalty to one another is always awe inspiring. 

In this book, we find out some truths; both amazing and horrific, so it’s definitely sufficed to say that this book is a game changer in all the ways. I remember reading it for the first time and thinking ‘wow, what is happening. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and I had to re read that page for things to sink in.’

I definitely felt similar experiences, even re reading for a third time, even though I knew what was coming, I still had chills at several scenes. 

Every character has such an integral part to play, it’s amazing how they are all woven together. What we think we know from Book 1 is just tipped on it’s shoulder and we’re knocked out of the park with what book 2 reveals.

Again, trying to keep it spoiler free, but the scene where two characters finally realise they’re mated is exceptionally beautiful. I’m sure you who have read the book know what scene I mean but it never fails to hit me right in the feels, neither does it’s previous chapter where we learn the backstory of one characters’ side of the bond. 

Feyre definitely remains one of my all time favourite fictional heroines. She steps up so much in this book; it is amazing how much she has gone through, how much she goes through and her role at the VERY end still stays in my mind! 

So many scenes in this book stay in my mind as my all time favourites, and oh gosh I’ll never tire of re visiting this beauty. 

Favourite quotes:

“To the stars that listen, and the dreams that are answered”

And that concludes my review! Thanks for reading! 

Brooklyn. πŸ™‚


Book Review: Mom and Me and Mom by Maya AngelouΒ 

Published: 2013 by Virago Press 

Rating: 5/5

Pages: 195


“Mom and me and Me and Mom” reveals the triumphs, struggles and profound moments that shifted the balance of love and respect between Maya Angelou and the larger than life figure of her mother after a decade of separation.

When her marriage began to crumble, Vivian Baxter sent three year old Maya and her older brother away from their California home to live with their grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas.

Mom and Me and Mom traces the story of a rich, rewarding and fraught relationship, and its role in fostering the authors’ rise from immeasurable depths to reach impossibly heights.

My thoughts:

Maya Angelou has been a long term hero of mine, and this book really highlighted her feelings in her childhood and growing up.

This book, while it also talks about her tragic experience with rape but the joy with her son and watching him grow, and her tender relationship with her beloved grandmother, this book above anything, as the title suggests, is about Maya and her mother.

Their initial relationship was definitely eye opening. I was surprised by how scared Maya was initially, but I understand why. I mean, she and her brother were sent away without a word, and then when her mother wanted to get acquainted with her children again, and Maya didn’t want to leave her grandmother, I really felt for her.

However, the mother fast redeems herself and after expressing her situation with Maya and Bailey’s father, Lady (as she is nicknamed by Maya) is fast welcomed back into her children’s life.

What happens to young Maya is absolutely horrific, raped by her mother’s boyfriend and then stunned into silence. She finds herself sadly at the receiving end of many bad relationships, and soon finds herself pregnant to one of these rapes, the attacker of course swiftly denying this. 

Maya is left pregnant and feeling more alone than ever, but her mother helps her raise her son and provide for them. She furthers this by ‘investing’ in her daughter and grandson, providing Maya spends time with him and allows time for her to do what she wants. 

Maya had such a colourful career, she really did it all, and her mother wasn’t far behind. I was definitely inspired reading this book, and remain fascinated as ever by her. 

I definitely recommend this book to everyone and heard about it via the Goodreads Book Club, Our Shared Shelf. 

Meet the author:

Maya Angelou has been a waitress, singer, actress, dancer, activist, mother, writer and inaugural poet to make but a few. She has written many autobiographies, and poetry collections and cookbooks. Maya Angelou now has a life time appointment as Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University of North California. She passed away in 2014 at age 86. 

And that concludes my review, thank you for reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚

Book Review: Broken Glass by Virginia Andrews

Book 2 in The Mirror Sisters trilogy

Published: 2017 by Pocket Books Fiction

Pages: 419

Rating: 5 stars

My thoughts:

I had so many emotions during this book. At first I was literally so scared to read it, what if it didn’t go the way I hoped? 

Book 1 ended on the biggest cliffhanger, I didn’t think book 2 could top it but gosh I was all the wrong. 

This is an insane read. So intense, it picks up where it left off and Haylee is as insane and deranged as ever, the girl is wild! She’s so happy to be free of her twin sister at long last, though she doesn’t realise that Kaylee’s presence is definitely felt throughout the book. 

Actually, the book opens with Haylee’s perspective, where she plots how she can cover up what she’s done. It amazed me how she didn’t feel any remorse for what she put her parents through, I mean how does she even human??

Which by the way I still hate Haylee for. She’s an awful character and I wanted to punch her badly. I still don’t get why she did what she did in book 1! But nonetheless, yes, I wanted to high five Haylee in the face with a chair.

Multiple times. The way she felt zero remorse for her sister? Why? Awful! She’s honestly one of the most inhumane characters I’ve ever come across. There were times when I read the book and didn’t want to continue, but I knew I had to see it through, for Haylee.

I’m all team Haylee, she’s such a dear and I love how at the end she still tries to see the best in her twin. It’s insane! 

I was so happy when the book switched to her perspective, and I definitely enjoyed her chapters more. She grew so much, and oh gosh I was scared for her in a lot of parts here. Her captor literally reminded me of Norman Bates from Psycho, but worse, I swear. He’s a deluded douche and such a perverted creep. 

There was a slightly endearing addition of a character, Mr Mocassin, who was the creepers’ cat. I like how through the book, he helped Kaylee think of ideas on how to escape. 

All throughout I was hoping that Haylee would fall flat on her face when she thought she was safe!! I cheered so much at the end for various reasons, and I need book 3 now! It’s going to be a long wait, I swear. I know I’ll re read these first two books though. They’re addictive! I recommend everyone check these books out! 

Meet the author:

Note: Virginia Andrews left a lot of unfinished manuscripts when she passed. This book, like many of hers, was written by her ghost writer but as VC Andrews is the author credited, I talk about her:

Cleo Virginia Andrews was better known as VC Andrews or Virginia C Andrews, was an American novelist. She was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and died at the age of 63 from breast cancer. 

Book Review: The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Book 1 in The Archived series

Published: 2014 by Hyperion Books

Pages: 321

Rating: 4/5

My thoughts:

My first book my Victoria Schwab, and I definitely love her writing style and look forward to reading her other books. 

I have had this on my TBR for some time now and finally got to read it; I was instantly intrigued by the general plot, I mean think of a library but instead of books, there’s files of people who have passed away?!

Schwab does not sugarcoat, she gets to the point right away. And I was hit with feels from the dual narrative, from present day Mackenzie to past Mackenzie, as she learn the ways of the archive with her beloved Da. You could tell how much they meant to one another and I definitely thought about my own grandfather when I read these chapters. 

The setting was so spooky and atmospheric, I felt like I too was in this great big library and could see things through Kenzies eyes. The plot just got deeper and deeper too, when Kenzie comes into her role as a keeper, who must stop ‘histories’ from waking up and getting out (histories being of course, the deceased).

I definitely am proud of Kenzie’s character growth through the book, she constantly had an inner battle, wondering about the boundary between living and dead (her little brother we learn sadly was killed in a hit and run) and she constantly wants him to be alive. This was so sad but it definitely made her more human, I feel. 

There was so much mystery to this book, all throughout there were so many twists and turns I was gasping, wondering what would come next. It was all down to Mac piecing together who may have been altering and removing those histories. 

This was definitely one of the more haunting books I’ve read this year, but I gave it 5 stars because I was expecting more from the ending, it wasn’t too cliffhanger-y and I expected more of a bang. 

But all in all an exceptional, unique read that I would recommend and I look forward to reading the rest of the series!

And that concludes my review, thanks for reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚

Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Book 1 in the Court of Thorns and Roses series

Pages: 416

Published: 2015

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts:

Okay so this is my third read of this book, it’s always extra feely re reading a first book in a series even when you know what’s to come in the subsequent books. 

This series means a lot to me, it’ll always be one of my all time favourites, book 2 surpasses book 1 in all of the ways, but at the same time I love going back and re experiencing what happens in book 1.

This book by far has got to be my favourite Beauty and the Beast retelling, and it’s funny the more I think about it, the story had lots of parallels to beauty and the beast; Feyre is every bit as bold and brave as Belle, and one of the many reasons I adore Feyre is how she’s so fierce and sassy and can easily hold her own. When she is faced with Tbe Spring Court she does not back down in fear from Tamlin and Lucien and definitely matches their wit.

Lucien is a character that I’ve always liked, and I feel sorry for him as we get to learn his backstory; for those that have read this book and it’s successor, A Court of Mist and Fury, you’ll know that something and someone is revealed to be closely connected with Lucien and I cannot wait for that to develop further in the highly anticipated A Court of Wings and Ruin. 

Tamlin. Aaah. Tamlin Tamlin Tamlin. I liked him in this book, but it’s hard re feeling those feelings after book 2. Without being spoilery I’ll leave that there.

Rhysand. Darling high Lord of the Night Court. He was always my favourite character and when I first read this I remember having so many questions and instantly wanting to know more about him. He’s so mysterious and wow. I adore him and there’s so much foreshadowing in the scenes where he meets with Feyre, not always in the best of circumstances, but ach the beautiful foreshadowing. 

It’s beautiful.

It’s funny, in the early stages of this book, I loathed Nesta. Hated her for how mean she was to Feyre. But then she proved redeeming, and her character fast grew on me. Elain, the middle sister, is just a dear. She’s so sweet and I adored her right away. 

Alis, the maid. Another character I instantly love. She’s lovely and her back story was totally sad but just showed how caring and kind she is and how everything she does is for those two nephews of hers. 


You nasty piece of work. She’s I swear, the worst. Literally. Her back story is as bad as she is and it terrified me to the core. What she did to those High Lords, to everyone?! To the whole of Prythian?! Ghastly. So cruel. 

Let me finish by expressing my love for Queen Maas. Her writing is so exquisite. She projects us into her books, once again I felt like I was Feyre and I was feeling: chilled, terrified, in awe, love, and literally all the emotions. Her writing is so poetic it flows so well and I could visualise everything as I was reading it.

Guys, read this book! You’ll fall in love with this world! 

Favourite quote:

“Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.”

And that concludes my review, thank you for reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚ 

Book Review:Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes

Book 3 in the Falling Kingdoms series 

Published: 2014 by RazorBill, an imprint of Penguin Random House. 

Rating: 5/5

Pages: 405

Genre: YA/ fantasy 

My thoughts:

Morgan Rhodes continues to amaze me. This book guys, was every bit as epic, maybe even more so than book 2! And it had the best cliffhanger ending yet! 

I feel that Gathering Darkness was truly the game changer book for our characters here. So much happens it is insane! I am amazed with every characters transformation. I was gasping so much throughout the book. 

Lucia. Okay so I liked her in the first book but she started to irk me in the second. By the third book…

I hate her. But I love to hate her if that makes sense? 

Why, you ask?

Because she’s so foolish! And none of her actions are even close to being justified.

Unlike Cleo and Magnus, both of whom I adore madly. They are perfection. And there was a confession from Magnus which made me SO happy! I was fangirling big time. 

This book introduced two characters, one I instantly loved (Ashur) but one I was weary of (his sister). Let’s just say I was super mad and sad with the sister at the end of the book, talk about betrayal! I wanted to throw something at the foul Princess. 

Nic was a character that I always liked, I felt so sorry for him throughout. He couldn’t catch a break! Lysandra, she was introduced to us in book 2 and I love how she grew in this book and can’t wait to see where book 4 takes her and all the others.

I had to re read the ending several times! I couldn’t believe it. I had read a fair few books where a character becomes drunk with power but this? 


Was something else entirely. And I cannot wait to read book 4. I have high hopes, so while I probably won’t be jumping into book 4 right away, I’ll definitely be thinking about the events of book 3 for a good while to come. 

And that concludes my review, thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Brooklyn πŸ™‚

Book Review: Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Book 2 in the Falling Kingdoms series 

Genre: YA / fantasy 

Published 2013 by Razorbill, a devision ofPenguin Young Readers Group.

Rating: 5 ⭐️

Pages: 401

My thoughts:

Okay so hear me out here. You know when you start a series and it’s all like:


You think, wow. Any subsequent book surely can’t continue such epicness? And often are proven wrong by said books.

This happened with me when I read Rebel Spring. 

From the first page I was right where I left off from book 1, all the feelings were still there and oh my gosh everything was heightened. Book 1 ended with so many shocks and revelations, and book 2 drew on those. Like honestly, reading this book made me so nervous. 

I have grown so attached to this bookworld, and I love it’s characters so much. Cleo and Magnus are my favourites, they are endgame. Presence of characters no longer with us are most definitely still felt and oh my gosh there were so many twists and turns and oh so much betrayal in this book, there were so many times when my jaw just massively dropped. 

Morgan Rhodes continues to amaze me with her writing, she weaves all these character perspectives together so perfectly, and they give us such an amazing insight into why these characters are like how they are and why they do what they do. 

It’s definitely safe to say that I was in disbelief through a lot of this book; I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Such a step up from book 1, and it literally had all the emotions rolled into one! Few authors have made me feel like a book was steadily heading in one direction, only for it to turn and blow my mind, and my emotions! (Two of the other authors are Sarah J Mass and Dame Agatha Christie).

Everyone needs to read this series. I have since finished book 3 and I’m even more speechless (my review will be coming within the next two days). You will not regret falling in love with these books and the characters leave such a long standing impression! Cleo especially has taught me so much! Never give up and always be righteous! 

And that concludes my review, thanks for reading. 

Until next time, happy reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚

Goodreads Monday

Hi again book dragons,
Sorry for being so slow with my reviews lately, but I have a fair few to catch up on and hopefully will start getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

As we know, Goodreads is a weekly thing where we pick a book off our TBR and showcase it! Today’s choice for Goodreads Monday is;

The Beast Within by Serena Valentino 

How did a prince, once beloved by his people, become a bigger and reclusive monster?

A young, handsome Prince lives a life of extravagance before he is forced to pay the ultimate price for his ugly deeds.

This is a story of vanity and arrogance, of love and hatred, of beastliness and of course, beauty. 

I’ve had my eye on this book for some time and I couldn’t have been happier when my mum got it for me yesterday when we went Easter shopping. Having seen the new adaption of “Beauty and the Beast” and falling in love with it and the story all over again, I can’t wait to read this! 

Book Review: “The Stud” by Jackie Collins

Published 1969 by Chances Incorporated 

Rating: 5 ⭐️

My thoughts:

Honestly, this was such a fabulous read. In fact, it was a re read. 

Okay, so I might not have liked Alexandra as much as some of JC’s other characters, she was a bit tame compared to say, Lissa from Hollywood Wives, but nonetheless she was fine, I did admire her constant want to break free from her father and work and earn her own money and not just be seen as a rich man’s daughter. 

Her father, Benjamin, I didn’t care for all that much, he was your stereotypical rich man who didn’t do much, though I’ll give him credit for being a loving father to his children. 

He was not however a loving husband to Fontaine, who was such a brilliant character. She carried this novel, though the main character was Tony, “The Stud” was told from different character perspectives, namely Fontaine and Alexandra, and of course Tony himself. 

Fontaine, it’s said, was written for Joan Collins. This is definitely accurate because there’s so much of Fontaine in Joan, I was reading her lines in Joan’s voice and picturing Joan as Fontaine. It’s fabulous. Fontaine was utterly outrageous, so shallow but sexy and hilarious. So fierce and she knew no bounds! She literally does not stop until she gets what she wants, and I loved her backstory as a child growing up to stardom.

Same with Tony, which brings me to, “The Stud,” himself: he had a slightly more tragic childhood, though it was initially grounded. He sure was hilarious character and I was laughing so much at his antics and sheer stupidity. He and Fontaine had a pleasure fling, and it was hilarious reading the thoughts one had on the other. Each hated the other, but at the same time their chemistry kept them going back together. They were flaming and they did have some steamy sex scenes. But it was hilarious as Tony thought he was “hot shit” and then reading his thoughts on his “relationship” with Fontaine, and then her pretty much saying to us that he’s not the best lay! So funny! 

It’s when Tony meets Alex that he falls in love for the first time; and we can’t help but feel pity for him because she’s not interested! And she makes it kind of obvious but he’s so hung up on her that she can’t see it! So he keeps referring to her as “my Alex” and I was like “bro, take a hint!” And was constantly facepalming. But loving it! 

I definitely recommend this book, it’s just so fun and ridiculously fabulous and brilliant, Jackie Collins never could do any wrong. 

And that concludes my review, thanks for reading πŸ™‚ 


Book Review: The Sixth Wife by Suzanna Dunn

Hey guys, apologies about being so behind, but I’m back and hoping to post more book reviews more regularly. I hope you’ve all been well πŸ™‚ 

My full review can be found on my booktube,
I didn’t like this book all that much, honestly. I sadly went into it with high expectations but was definitely disappointed. I thought this book could be a lot better, seen as it started super well, what with a best friend mourning the death of her Queen.

What drew me to this book was my endless fascination with the Tudors, and this book is about Katherine Parr after Henry the Eighth died, and she married Thomas Seymour. What made this book kind of frustrating though is that the narrator, Catherine Brandon, widow of Charles, was so mindlessly stubborn! Her actions in this book made me so frustrated. And she totally contradicted herself. 
I didn’t care for Thomas Seymour’s character, in this book I definitely felt that he only married Katherine for her wealth and her title. He ended up executed so serves him right, no I jest but aah this book was so frustrating. 

2 stars. Please click the above link to watch my book talk on it πŸ™‚
Happy reading,
Brooklyn πŸ™‚