DNF Review: The Piece of the Puzzle by Hayley Morton

Published in 2019

Page Count: 348

Genre: Retelling, Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Fiction

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (at 21%)

Goodreads Sypnosis:

A modern reimagining of The Lady of Shalott. Elena is desperate. Her husband was supposed to be her Lancelot, the man to rescue her from her cursed life. But knights in shining armour are not in the habit of riding past suburban homes in twenty-first century Australia.

Elena lives a loney, fear-driven life; fearful she is not enough – good, likeable, smart, pretty or perfect enough. If only she could transform herself into an interesting, attractive person, her brave knight would appear and sweep her away to happy ever after.

In a bid to break the curse, Elena navigates a maze of clairvoyants, counsellors, mentors, EFT, yoga and meditation.

Meanwhile, terrified of being alone, she lurches from one disastrous relationship to another in search of her perfect partner. Is he the exotic Isaac, the strong, silent Michael, the larger-than-life Garridan, the youthful Channing or the mystical Jivan? And can he save her from herself?

My Review:

Firstly, let me say that this was tricky. I rarely DNF books, but I have dedicated a good portion of my evening to reading this book, hoping it would grab me and not let go, but it just didn’t happen.

I was definitely curious and excited for this book, I adore Alfred, Lord Tennyson and The Lady of Shallot is honestly one of my favourite verses! So to find out that this was a re-imagining of said poem, yay!

However, and I understand that our main character, Elena, thought she had found her swoon worthy knight in shining armour in Michael, but I just couldn’t take how cold he was to her! I just couldn’t bear how he was so blindly arrogant to her, and that she couldn’t remove herself from his life. I feel like also that he was unnecessarily mean, blatantly asking her if she wants sex and ridiculing her for even showing a tiny bit of encouragement towards him maybe getting a payout from his industrial work.

I mean throughout the seven chapters that I read, it was a vicious cycle of the husband undermining the wife, protesting about new cuisines that she lovingly prepared for him, (he doesn’t even like reheated meals, precious much?) and not even acknowledging how much effort she puts into the marriage, he just explodes at her and accuses her of wanting a divorce. It’s like dude stop and breathe and think maybe she wouldn’t feel so edgy if you cared about her. Honestly.

I am so sorry Elena, get out of there and find your proper Lancelot. You deserve better!

Happy Reading book lovers,

– Brooklyn.

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