Book Review: Road Tripping With Pearl Nash by Poppy Nwosu

Published in Adelaide, South Australia on the 10th September, by Wakefield Press.

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Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781743058435

Australian RRP: $24.95

Page Count: 264

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sypnosis from Wakefield Press

The summer is finally here, and Pearl Nash is on a mission to save her slowly disintegrating friendship with a whirlwind end-of-year road trip that is definitely, absolutely, most positively going to solve all her problems.

Except, instead of her best friend Daisy’s feet on her dash, suddenly Pearl ends up stuck in the middle of the desert beside Obi Okocha, a boy with a mega-watt smile and an endlessly irritating attitude. Tasked with delivering him to the most epic end-of-year party ever, located in a beach shack in literal middle-of-nowhere woop woop, Pearl Nash is certain that nothing could be worse than this.

She’s wrong.

Add in a breakdown, multiple arguments, an AWOL nana and a kiss that was most definitely a huge mistake, and suddenly Pearl has the perfect ingredients for the perfect disaster.

Road Tripping with Pearl Nash is a story about home and family, about breaking apart and fusing together, and, of course, about love.

My Review:

I received a copy of Road Tripping With Pearl Nash from Wakefield Press in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Let me please begin by thinking back to earlier this year, when I had a fabulous opportunity to interview Poppy Nwosu at work for a Q&A! Not only was this a completely exciting dream for me, but it was absolutely fabulous getting to chat with her and pick her brain about what inspires her to write! I vividly remember that Poppy said, upon her husband reading her very early, early drafts of Pearl Nash, that he thought the titular character had a lot of Poppy within her. Now, please bear in mind that this was apparently very early on in the editing stage and it had since been rewritten and edited many a time prior to it coming out in the world, but I just thought that this was such an interesting initial thought!

For me, Road Tripping With Pearl Nash felt like Poppy’s most personal book yet! I mean, both her predecessor books are completely fresh and fun, as is Pearl Nash but I felt like there was so much emotion throughout within her titular character, who’s having to deal with all kinds of emotion in terms of feeling disconnected and off kilter in terms of where she belongs (not wanting to go into it too much, but there’s a scene where Pearl visits her childhood abode and sees how different things are and how she doesn’t feel as connected as she expected to, oh, I just wanted to hug Pearl Nash so hard!

I absolutely adore Poppy and I loved, loved her debut Making Friends With Alice Dyson and her second novel Taking Down Evelyn Tait, so I was completely over the moon to have been able to read Road Tripping With Pearl Nash prior to it coming out in the world! I absolutely loved, loved, loved everything about this book! Poppy is such a beautiful storyteller, her characters were (as they always are, really!), such a unique breath of fresh air, though they had to grapple with quite a few heavy handed things throughout this gem of a book!

All throughout, Pearl Nash is absolutely determined to heal her friendship with her longtime best friend, Daisy! Daisy, who for too many times has cast Pearl aside to hang out with her boyfriend, or only wants to hang out with Pearl when her boyfriend can’t catch up, bearing in mind that since Daisy has been seeing her boyfriend, she’s had less time for Pearl and her other friends. I definitely think Pearl was far too understand and forgiving towards Daisy at first, but I definitely can’t blame her for wanting to salvage her friendship with her best friend! I must admit, even though throughout the novel, it sounded like it was always Pearl doing the work in the friendship, I had hoped throughout that indeed the friendship would be salvaged! By now though, as you’re reading, I hope you’d be having your own pondering about what might happen, I can’t recommend picking up this book enough!

I absolutely loved Obi’s character throughout, he had such wonderful chemistry and banter with Pearl throughout, seeing it develop as the story went along was such a delight, too! Their blooming friendship felt really natural as it progressed, I mean Pearl initially couldn’t stand him and he’d often joke around as far as she was concerned, early on in the book he cheekily pokes fun at her enjoyment of romance novels (and yet doesn’t sway from reading them himself (bless, honestly so cute, I can’t!). But oh, I loved their dynamic! Road Tripping With Pearl Nash is honestly nothing short of a refreshing delight to read and I’m so excited that it’s officially out in the world and everyone needs to read it and love it!

Happy Reading,

Brooklyn. ☺️

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