Book Review: Any Way The Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

Published in Australia on the 13th July, 2021 by Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan. The third and final book in the Simon Snow series.

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ISBN: 9781529039924

Format: Paperback

Australian RRP: $17.99

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Romance, LGBTQIA+

Page Count: 579

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sypnosis from Pan Macmillan Australia

In Carry On, Simon Snow and his friends realized that everything they thought they understood about the world might be wrong. And in Wayward Son, they wondered whether everything they understood about themselves might be wrong.

In Any Way the Wind Blows, Simon and Baz and Penelope and Agatha have to decide how to move forward.

For Simon, that means deciding whether he still wants to be part of the World of Mages — and if he doesn’t, what does that mean for his relationship with Baz? Meanwhile Baz is bouncing between two family crises and not finding any time to talk to anyone about his newfound vampire knowledge. Penelope would love to help, but she’s smuggled a cursed American Normal into London, and now she isn’t sure what to do with him. And Agatha? Well, Agatha Wellbelove has had enough.

Any Way the Wind Blows takes the gang back to England, back to Watford, and back to their families for their longest and most emotionally wrenching adventure yet.

My Review:

I received a copy of Any Way The Wind Blows from Pan Macmillan Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Ahhh, it’s always bittersweet when such gorgeous series come to an end! I absolutely loved Carry On, the first book in the Simon Snow series and I loved Wayward Son (book 2) even more! I was quite excited to see the size of Any Way The Wind Blows, sitting at 579 pages, I had been long excited to dive in and I completely did a happy dance when a beautiful finished copy turned up on my doorstep and I can happily say Any Way The Wind Blows was not a let down!

As much as I was sad to see the series come to a close, Any Way The Wind Blows was such a fitting, nail biting and nothing short of a magical conclusion! I feel like I could happily read an infinite amount of books featuring Baz, Simon, Penelope and Agatha! There was so much angst and emotion between them all, collectively and separately, namely from the absolutely wild revelations and happenings from Wayward Son, so I love that this book was also focused on them all with ‘what happens now’ and of course, what happens next!

I love that once again, Any Way The Wind Blows is told from multiple points of view, always a joy to read when they’re done well and oh, Rainbow Rowell always writes them brilliantly! I loved, loved, loved getting into the intricities of Baz and Simon’s mind especially, oh, these precious little beans! After everything they’d faced, after everything they’d been through, I just wanted them to both find peace and to be happy and safe! Penelope and Agatha too, both equally brilliant characters and I absolutely loved both their story arcs! Especially Agatha, I found myself pleasantly surprised with how her story travelled, I loved, loved, loved her dynamic with Niamh too, ahh, so good! In turn, the addition of Shepherd was fabulous too, I really enjoyed his dynamic with Penny and honestly, I’d read a book all about Penny’s quirks and logic driven brain, she’s so bright and fantastic! The fragility of Baz’s home life was sometimes (more often than not) quite tender to read about, too! The one thing I was a bit indifferent about was Smith Smith Richards (but this could just be from my strong distate of extremist thinking), but hey, I understand why he was there and the significance of his role, so I’m not going to flap my arms about his character and I must admit it was really quite satisfying finding out what happened with his story arc!

Not at all did Any Way The Wind Blows feel dull or slow paced, there was nothing tedious or slow about it, nor was there a moment where I was hoping things would quickly move along, in fact I found myself eagerly turning the pages, though I found that I didn’t want Any Way The Wind Blows to end, if you haven’t read this series then I completely recommend them, Carry On quickly saw it become one of my favourite series, I can’t believe it’s all over now, though I know I’ll definitely be revisiting them one day!

Happy Reading,


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