Penguin Books Australia Blog Tour Stop: Book Review – The Eighth Wonder by Tania Farrelly

Published in Australia on the 2nd July, 2021 by Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

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ISBN: 9781761040733

Australian RRP: $32.99

Format: Trade Paperback

Genre: Historical Romance

Page Count: 416

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Penguin Books Australia

The Suffragette meets The Greatest Showman in this story ofpassion and courage, as a young feminist fights against the rules of society to find her place in the world.

New York, 1897. The richest city in the world.

Beautiful, young and privileged, Rose Kingsbury Smith is expected to play by the strict rules of social etiquette, to forfeit all career aspirations and to marry a man of good means. But she has a quietly rebellious streak and is determined to make her own mark on Manhattan’s growing skyline. When the theft of a precious heirloom plunges the Kingsbury Smiths into financial ruin, Rose becomes her family’s most tradeable asset. She finds herself fighting for her independence and championing the ideal of equality for women everywhere.

Enigmatic Ethan Salt’s inglorious circus days are behind him. He lives a quiet life on Coney Island with his beloved elephant Daisy and is devoted to saving animals who’ve been brutalised by show business. As he struggles to raise funds for his menagerie, he fears he will never build the sanctuary of his dreams … until a chance encounter with a promising young architect changes his life forever.

Just when Rose is on the verge of seeing her persistence pay off, the ghosts of her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear. In the face of heartbreaking prejudice and betrayal, she must learn to harness her greatest wonder within.

From Fifth Avenue mansions to Lower East Side tenements and the carnivals of Coney Island, The Eighth Wonder explores the brilliance and brutality of one of the world’s most progressive eras and celebrates the visionaries who dare to rebel.

My Review:

A huge, huge thank you to the lovely team at Penguin Books Australia for having me on the blog tour to celebrate Tania Farrelly’s debut, The Eighth Wonder and for sending me a review copy to read and review as part of the tour, all thoughts are my own.

Oh, how I absolutely adored this book! It’s so beautifully written, the richness of the setting of the Gilded Age of New York, the sheer opulence, the women’s movements being on the cusp of being birthed, the characters that refuse to be silenced and those who refuse to stoop to society’s expectations, just, there’s so much to love about The Eighth Wonder!

Firstly, what an absolutely amazing main character is our Rose! As most young girls were in this time, they were used for the elevation of family members, primarily through the male counterparts in the family. However, it’s worth nothing that it’s actually Rose’s Mother who is determined that her Daughter marry into richness, hardly tolerant of Ross apprenticing with her beloved Father in his Architecture work. I love that Arthur nurtured Rose’s dream, his sweet nickname for her ‘Spook’ was just so endearing throughout! My heart!

Ethan, wonderfully sweet, caring Ethan! I love how devoted he was to his dear animals, doing everything within the vicinity of his being to look after those that had been so horribly abused, nurturing them as best as he could! His darling elephants, Honey and Daisy, they’re just such beautiful creatures and oh, there’s also a lion called Lucifer and a little joey but for me, this was as much Honey’s and Daisy’s story as much as it was Rose’s and Ethan’s!

I absolutely loved Rose’s character arc throughout this book, seeing her grow and find her voice, fighting for the rights of women and helping their causes, determined to curate her own future and not cower to anyone! Honestly, I just loved every aspect of this beautiful book and I can safely say it’s definitely become a fast favourite of mine! I’ve already recommended it a fair bit, I can’t wait for people to love this book! I know it’s one I’ll definitely be thinking about for plenty of time yet!

I could rave plenty more about The Eighth Wonder, but I feel like it’s best if the reader goes into this exquisite debut not knowing as much detail about the characters, the story, everything, but oh, it’s completely beautiful and altogether memorable and I completely recommend it! It’s gorgeous!

Happy Reading,


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