Book Review: A Room Called Earth by Madeleine Ryan

Published in Australia on the 2nd March, 2021 by Scribe Publications.

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ISBN (13) – 9781925849776

Australian RRP: $29.99

Genre: Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Urban/Contemporary Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction.

Page Count: 304

My Rating:

Sypnosis from Scribe Publications

A brilliant debut from a neurodiverse author that explores a young woman’s magical, sensitive, and passionate inner world.

A young woman gets ready to go to a party. She arrives, feels overwhelmed, leaves, and then returns. Minutely attuned to the people who come into her view, and alternating between alienation and profound connection, she is hilarious, self-aware, sometimes acerbic, and always honest.

And by the end of the night, she’s shown us something radical about love, loss, and the need to belong.

My Review:

I mean it in the best, highest of praise when I say A Room Called Earth is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read! Its concept was completely unique to me, our main character being nameless throughout the story (which I understand why, I think, but also I really wish I knew what her name was!). Initially, I found myself wishing we did know what her name was, purely because I personally felt it hard to connect with her throughout the initial stages of this book!

Yet, A Room Called Earth remains one of the most honest, observant and altogether human books that I’ve read! Madeleine Ryan’s narrative is completely relevant to today’s society, with our main character allowing us into her inner monologue of thoughts, from modern day Australian society, to dating culture and everything in between! It was just so refreshing and illuminating, so perceptive!

I would definitely say that A Room Called Earth is primarily more character driven than plot, with not much actually really occuring plot wise, initially. The main character is such a free spirit, completely unfiltered but at the same time reserved, she’s not one to completely jump into conversation with a drunken stranger or acquaintance at a party (definitely can’t say I blame her!) and sometimes, throughout the book, the dialogue would run through the book, sometimes just one line being passed back and forth between She and another character, which made A Room Called Earth all the more a unique reading experience!

It’s worth noting though, that A Room Called Earth isn’t necessarily a go to book for some escapism, I mean, it’s profound and thought provoking and I will definitely be pondering upon its significance and its narrative for plenty of time to come! It’s just, the book required quite a lot of concentration and focus, which I didn’t necessarily always have, which I guess could be why it took me a longer time to read it! However, it’s totally worth adding to one’s TBR, as it’s a completely remarkably unique read!

Happy Reading,


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