Book Review: Hayden Jon Marshall by Travis Myers and Natasha Myers Marsiguerra

Published in the United States by Bully Press Corporation in 2020. The second installment in the Tommy Keane Detective Series.

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Genre: Adult Thriller Fiction, Suspense Fiction, Crime Fiction, Mystery Fiction.

Page Count: 245

Trigger Warnings: child abuse, child abduction, death of a child, murder, police brutality, kidnapping, death, domestic abuse.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Goodreads:

A three year-old boy disappears from a public park, in full daylight, and no one sees a thing-not even the child’s mother. In a city of millions, with not a single clue left in the park for Detective Tommy Keane, the suspects could be endless. Where does he start to investigate? And what will he uncover? Are the answers on the streets he knows so well? Or hidden online, deep within the dark web?

My Review:

I received a copy of Hayden Jon Marshall from Bully Press in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Brother and Sister writing duo Travis Myers and Natasha Myers Marsiguerra absolutely do not hesitate to pack all of the punches in Hayden Jon Marshall, the second installment in their Detective Tommy Keane series! The prologue to this book was among one of the most devastating I’ve read, when a young girl is reported missing, Tommy and one of his fellow Detectives are determined that no stone is left unturned in regards to finding little Mariana, honestly it’s just awful that any violence of any sort occurs, truthfully! It’s just violence towards children and more just seem a whole different sort of horror in itself.

I must, must mention that Travis Myers is a retired New York City Police Detective, so his stories would completely have more than an ounce of truth to them and I do think that’s what separates the Tommy Keane series from other Thriller/Crime novels that I’ve read and enjoyed, the fact that they’re written from the mind of a former Detective who would’ve seen so many horrors throughout his everyday career, it just completely makes for intense reading! It’s also worth mentioning that Travis’s sister, Natasha, writes her Brothers’ stories, communicating the reality of them across to their audiences. It’s honestly such a natural partnership, I do hope they’ll be plenty more books to come in the Tommy Keane series!

As I mentioned, Hayden Jon Marshall starts with an utterly heart wrenching bang and completely sticks to that time throughout the duration of the novels’ short but completely sharp length! The title significance represents the boy who disappears from a park whilst his Mother glances away, but throw in the fact that not a great deal of people can even recall seeing the boy, it felt like this case wasn’t going to be a clear cut one to solve! All throughout Hayden Jon Marshall I completely felt myself on the edge of my seat, hoping that this little boy would be found safe!

I definitely didn’t piece the mystery elements of Hayden Jon Marshall together, truthfully. I’m not even sure that I could’ve envisioned what was to come, but I will say that I definitely found it completely harrowing and heartwrenching, there were honestly tines, especially towards the end of the book when the penultimate mystery had been drawn to a close, where I started to feel quite uneasy and queasy, honestly even as I type this I feel slightly sick!

Again, it just brings me back to the fact that Travis Myers would’ve seen horrible crimes like this one (and so many more!) as part of his daily job! There’s a scene in a bar where Tommy Keane has met up with a hacker extraordinaire (to bust into a sexual predators’ computer) and Roya (said tech wiz) questions why Tommy does the job that he does. There’s a whole harrowing exchange between the two, it was just so powerful and raw and had simple honestly when Tonny says “someone’s got to do it”, I suppose it just made me think about Tommy’s character and his real life counterpart in Travis, that people serve their cities, chasing criminals and doing their best to protect civilians from harm!

Now, I really enjoyed Tommy’s endearing relationship with his elderly Mother in Sister Margaret and I enjoyed it even more in Hayden Jon Marshall! His Mother is just such a dear of a character, even though Tommy is an Adult and has his Detective job, his Mum worries about him and makes sure he eats as much as he should, it’s just so lovely!

I also throughly enjoyed the addition of Tommy’s furry friend, it was so sweet seeing this tough-as-nails Detective slowly be reduced to a pile of goo over his new companion, Tommy would try and keep a tough facade up with the dog but seeing him get more protective towards it (so much so that he punched someone who claims that it was his own dog!). I can’t wait to read about more sweet moments between Tommy and his new furry friend, who of course his dear Mum named!

If you have been thinking about checking out this fantastic series, then I definitely recommend them! If you enjoy an immersive Thriller that will completely haunt you and will linger in your mind even after you’ve read the last page, then I completely encourage you to pick up these books!

Happy Reading,


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