Book Review: Tunnel of Bones by V.E. Schwab

Book 2 in the Cassidy Blake series. Published in Australia on the 5th September, 2019.

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy, Adventure, Historical, Paranormal Fiction.

Page Count: 287

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from The Story Graph

Trouble is haunting Cassidy Blake . . . even more than usual.

She (plus her ghost best friend, Jacob, of course) are in Paris, where Cass’s parents are filming their TV show about the world’s most haunted cities. Sure, it’s fun eating croissants and seeing the Eiffel Tower, but there’s true ghostly danger lurking beneath Paris, in the creepy underground Catacombs.

When Cass accidentally awakens a frighteningly strong spirit, she must rely on her still-growing skills as a ghosthunter — and turn to friends both old and new to help her unravel a mystery. But time is running out, and the spirit is only growing stronger.

And if Cass fails, the force she’s unleashed could haunt the city forever.

My Review:

I’d long been completely excited to read Tunnel of Bones since its release in September last year, but feel like, with many other personal anticipated releases of mine (where time completely gets away from me), that having read it during Spooktober actually felt like the perfect time to do so!

Much like anything else Victoria Schwab writes, I thought Tunnel of Bones was absolutely perfect! I knew it would be amazing (because V.E. Schwab), but oh I absolutely found myself wishing that this book was slightly longer, because now I’m even more excited for Bridge of Souls, because after Tunnel of Bones, I’m finding myself wondering how everything will conclude! I personally feel like I would happily read an infinite amount of novels about Cassidy and her ghost enthusiast Parents, reading about their adventures as Cassidy accompanies them around the world filming documentaries on Haunted Places (City of Ghosts sees Cass and her Parents go to Edinburgh, and now in Tunnel of Bones they’re in the French Capital), but I’ve no doubt that the third installment, if it is indeed the final one, it’ll be every bit as perfect (if not more so) than the first two!

Tunnel of Bones, where do I begin?! The pacing was absolutely marvellous, completely fast paced and addictive, an exciting (and more often than not, quite hair raising and eerie!) but completely an exciting adventure that I was definitely sad to see finish, though I’m definitely still pondering about it as I type this review!

I absolutely love Cassidy’s tender and sweet friendship with her best friend Jacob and I absolutely loved both of their character development in Tunnel of Bones! I found myself thinking back to City of Ghosts, when Cass meets Lara, another young girl who can aid spirits and send them along, but Lara completely disapproves of Jacob not having crossed over yet, saying to Cassie that she needs to let him cross, as he’s getting stronger the longer he strays in the human world. I find myself wondering how this slight revelation will impact the final installment in this book, because Cass and Jacob’s friendship is just so precious, I love how Jacob confided to Cass about what happened to him that fateful day, just, my heart!

The Parisian setting in Tunnel of Bones was just honestly absolutely perfection, the most eerie and atmospheric backdrop through Cassidy’s Parents filming the next installment in their documentary series bring the Paris Catacombs! Now, personally, I’ve always found the Catacombs to be slightly unnerving but absolutely fascinating, though the notion that they had to relocate 6 million (if not more?!) dead bodies to an underground tunnel to be completely haunting and harrowing!

When I reached the part where Cass and her Family are being guided through the Tunnel (brilliant title significance really, I’ve goosebumps all over again as I type!), I found myself searching up about the Catacombs (I even found a bit of a virtual tour), and to say it was chilling yet fascinating to even virtually see the Paris Catacombs would definitely not be an understatement!

I absolutely loved throughout as Cassidy finds herself seeking ways to lure the hiding poltergeist (that accidentally gets set free), that Jacob would err Cass on the side of caution, willing her to see that the young poltergeist getting to move on isn’t her job, but I love that Cass is as always completely fiercely determined and brave as always to see her unique abilities through to their purposes! But oh, as she learnt more about the identity of her poltergeist that was wrecking havoc on the city of Paris, I found myself gathering my own theories about what might’ve happened to the little boy, but oh, let me tell you it was completely haunting! Just imagine playing hide and seek in the Catacombs! *Shivers*

I just loved everything about this second installment in the Cassidy Blake series! From the eerie and atmospheric setting, to the strange flickers of peculiar happenings, such as Grim the grumpy yet absolutely adorable cat, to Cassidy’s referencing Harry Potter, to the description of the French pastries that Cass and her parents sample and just everything in between! I’m so, so excited to see what comes next in this series with Bridge of Souls and completely recommend this delightful series to everyone! I know it’s ea

Happy Reading,


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