AusYABloggers Book Review Tour Stop: Indigo Owl by Charlie Archbold

A huge thank to to my lovely AusYABloggers Team Members for having me on the tour celebrating Charlie Archbold’s fabulous new #LoveOZYA Indigo Owl.

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Published on the 1st September in Australia by Wakefield Press.

ISBN: 9781743057322

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 336

Australian RRP: $24.95

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal, Thriller, Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Wakefield Press

After Earth was destroyed by climate change and overpopulation, private corporations colonised new planets. On one such planet, Galbraith, the fertility of its citizens is tightly controlled. But at what cost?

When Scarlet Bergen leaves her childhood home to be trained at the Arcadia Institute, harnessing her psychic Solitaire talents, it feels like the beginning of her future. But on the Institute steps, her father whispers a life-changing secret about the past. Her mother, a geneticist who disappeared when Scarlet was ten, had enemies …

Scarlet vows to discover the truth about her mother – and is joined in her mission by fellow cadets with their own family secrets and special talents: tech-savvy Rumi, a tenacious truth-hunter, and Dylan, the aloof classmate who can literally read her mind.

Together, they’ll uncover a planet-wide conspiracy … and discover that there’s little the Galbraith Executives won’t do to get what they want.

Indigo Owl is a fast-paced dystopian adventure from author Charlie Archbold, winner of a 2018 Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book for Older Readers.

My Review:

Welcome to my blog tour stop for the Indigo Owl review tour, celebrating Charlie Archbold’s absolutely vibrant newly released novel! A huge thank you to Wakefield Press for gifting me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own. Do make sure you follow along with the other brilliant reviewers and bookstagrammers and check out their posts too!

The Indigo Owl tour schedule, featuring the blog and bookstagram handles of the fellow participants πŸ™‚

Indigo Owl, right from the get go, filled me with lots of questions and for most part, it did keep me on my toes throughout! I felt like all of the way through, there was always that element of surprise as to what was coming next and for a good 85% of the novel, I found myself wondering who could be trusted throughout this book!

I really enjoyed the fact that Indigo Owl has three narrators, each with completely distinctive and different voices! Scarlet, who just wants to uncover truths about the Mother she has so many unanswered questions about, then we have Rumi who wants to completely uncover the truth about what really has been going on with the Institutions fertility programs and the role Scarlet’s Mother had in it, then there’s Dylan, who can literally read people’s Auras! As I was reading more and learning about the completely intricate world and its many planets and agendas of everyone, I couldn’t even envision where this was going to lead!

I was completely impressed with the vastness of the setting too! Indigo Owl projects readers into a post modern world setting, one that’s entirely futuristic and potentially a mirror as to what our own future could be like?! Though the fantastical elements woven throughout were absolutely brilliant, I absolutely loved Dylan’s ability to read auras, seeing their colours radiate off them! I’d never read about a character with this ability before and Charlie Archbold’s wonderfully immersive writing makes Indigo Owl such a unique reading experience!

You might be wondering ‘Brooklyn, you seem to have really enjoyed this! Why only a three star rating?’ (granted, 3 stars isn’t negative by any means!). I honestly wish so much that I was more invested in the last quarter of this book, it promised to be so excited and we’d hopefully get answers that we were seeking throughout and oh, I was completely excited and hopeful that Scarlet would succeed in her quest to learn more about what really happened to her beloved Mother! Honestly though, I do think I’m in the minority when I say that for me, unfortunately I found the penultimate chapters of this book to have lacked the edge, adrenaline and finesse that its successors possessed so brilliantly.

However, my critiques aside, hands down I will absolutely be recommending this book as much as I can! With Charlie Archbold’s brilliant, genre bending writing, I think this is one many people will happily devour!

Happy Reading,


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