Book Review: Just My Luck by Adele Parks

Published in Australia on the 4th May, 2020 by HQ Fiction, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

Add Just My Luck to your Goodreads TBR: (seriously, add it! It’s my first Adele Parks book but I really want to read everything else she’s written now!)

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Australian RRP: $32.99

ISBN: 9780008318420

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.

Page Count: 384

Sypnosis from HarperCollins Australia:

It’s the stuff dreams are made of – a lottery win so big, it changes everything.

For fifteen years, Lexi and Jake have played the same six numbers with their friends, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes. Over dinner parties, fish & chip suppers and summer barbecues, they’ve discussed the important stuff – the kids, marriages, jobs and houses – and they’ve laughed off their disappointment when they failed to win anything more than a tenner.

But then, one Saturday night, the unthinkable happens. There’s a rift in the group. Someone doesn’t tell the truth. And soon after, six numbers come up which change everything forever.

Lexi and Jake have a ticket worth £18 million. And their friends are determined to claim a share of it.

Sunday Times Number One bestseller Adele Parks returns with a riveting look at the dark side of wealth in this gripping take on friendship, money and betrayal, and good luck gone bad…

My Review:

I received an Uncorrected Proof Copy of Just My Luck from Harlequin Books Australia/Harper Collins Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I always enjoy discovering new Authors that have written a substantial amount of novels prior, I mean, if I find I enjoy their book than that means I can go back and read more of them! I absolutely loved ‘Just My Luck’ and was so addicted! Adele Parks’ writing just seemed perfectly seamless, her characters were so naturally written, they felt like real people! Lexi and Jake could be anyone, with the same four friends since the beginning, going through births, deaths, celebrations, job losses, the UK equivalent of the sitcom Friends, almost. When it was revealed that the group had always contributed to lottery syndicates, my Friends obsessed mind naturally thought of this moment:

Granted, the group of six aren’t flanked by a pigeon who causes one of them to drop a potentially winning lotto ticket. See, Jake and Lexi are now multi millionaires from winning the Lottery and their oldest friends definitely want a cut of the winnings, they think it’s owed to them after all these years of them chipping into the syndicates with Jake and Lexi. It’s funny, even though Just My Luck is primarily told from Lexi’s point of view, I was honestly unsure if she could wholly be trusted! I mean, I absolutely instantly liked her as a narrator and truthfully I thought her reaction to winning the lottery was the most real, too. Whilst her family, especially that excessive husband of hers, wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at indulging in a fancy, opulent overseas holiday, Lexi completely kept a sense of rationale about her, which I appreciated.

Granted, I myself have never even come close to winning the lottery, I mean sure who wouldn’t want to instantly be a multi millionaires, but after reading Just My Luck, I’m definitely going to think twice about entering at any given time! I had never really thought about how a family becoming winners of the Lottery would impact their most intimate social circle and honestly even though Lexi and Jake had just become millionaires eons of times over, I just felt really bad for especially their young children, Logan and Emily. I just felt so sad for Emily especially, who as a result of their parents backing out of the syndicate (or did they?), the sixteen year old girl gets beaten to a pulp by her former best friend and her cronies, whilst her ex boyfriend watches on. It was just absolutely horrifying what Emily was subjected to throughout this book, oh how I wish I could say that this was just the worse thing she went through, but alas definitely not the case! Honestly, as Just My Luck reached its penultimate reveal, I was completely gobsmacked! I found Adele Parks 20th novel to be packed full of twists and turns, not only did I not know of even begin to even imagine where this story would lead but I felt like it had so much going on aside from the main story, so much material that it was almost as if I was reading two books, it was that unique and engaging! Coupled with the fact that one of the sub plots within the story of Just My Luck was addressed near the beginning of the story, but then a certain character didn’t appear again for a while, I couldn’t help but keep those pages turning to see how everything would come together! Especially as so much deceit was unearthed between each character, I was forever kept on my toes wondering if these reveals would lead to more murky waters for other characters, but oh boy did I not think that Jack would actually do what he did! I was and am still completely gobsmacked and was truthfully horrified with his character for an amalgamation of reasons!

I honestly feel like I haven’t read anything like Just My Luck before! The execution of this story was completely effortless, with each couple and each character depicted as being completely believable and plot twists left, right and centre that will keep you guessing and wondering what in the name of Dickens would come next and where this would all lead! Even though I finished this book yesterday and have read /watched other things since then, I’m still thinking about Just My Luck quite a bit and I definitely can’t wait to read more Adele Parks’ books!

Happy Reading,


Q: Have you read Adele Parks? Which one of her books should I pick up next?

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