Book Review: Straight On Till Morning by Liz Braswell

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Published in Australia by Scholastic in February 2020.

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Australian RRP: $16.99

ISBN: 978-1-74383-570-8

Page Count: 488

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Sypnosis from Goodreads:

What if Wendy first traveled to Neverland… with Captain Hook?

Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling’s life is not what she imagined it would be. The doldrums of an empty house after her brothers have gone to school, the dull parties where everyone thinks she talks too much, and the fact that her parents have decided to send her away to Ireland as a governess-it all makes her wish things could be different.

Wendy’s only real escape is in writing down tales of Never Land. After nearly meeting her hero, Peter Pan, four years earlier, she still holds on to the childhood hope that his magical home truly exists. She also holds on to his shadow.

So when an opportunity to travel to Never Land via pirate ship presents itself, Wendy makes a deal with the devil. But Never Land isn’t quite the place she imagined it would be. Unexpected dangers and strange foes pop up at every turn, and a little pixie named Tinker Bell seems less than willing to help.

But when Captain Hook reveals some rather permanent and evil plans for Never Land, it’s up to the two of them to save Peter Pan-and his world.

My Review:

I received a copy of Straight On Til Morning from Scholastic Books Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I went into Straight On Til Morning with not a lot of prior knowledge, though I did notice that it sits at 500+ pages, whereas some of its Twisted Tales counterparts err on the much slimmer side, so I was quite curious as to why it was considerably longer than its successors. To me, Straight On Til Morning was of such a length befitting an exciting adventure that it was!

I absolutely loved how Wendy oriented this story was! She’s always been a character that I liked in the Peter Pan lore so I was completely excited to find that she really carries this story! Wendy’s character development throughout was an utte joy to read, I felt like I was on the sweeping adventure of piracy and discovery and yearning for more along with her! I equally adored Braswell’s portrayal of Tinkerbell too, the little fairy with an adoring heart towards the head of the Lost Boys, Peter Pan himself.

Straight On Til Morning is a Peter Pan Twisted Tale, though Peter himself doesn’t make an appearance until well over halfway through, although his presence was definitely felt before he made an appearance on the page. Wendy to me, had an almost hero like worship attitude to Peter Pan, weaving adventure stories of her own, taking place in a Neverland that she imagines. Whilst teenage girls her age are expected to find a male counterparts to settle down with and have a family, Wendy years for more, for adventure. When her Father threatens to send her to become a Governess to family in Ireland, Wendy knows she’s going to have to pull a treacherous action in order to escape the confines of her forced trip.

See, Wendy was left with Peter Pans’ shadow and was always awaiting him to return to claim it back. Now, can you think of someone who seeks to destroy Peter Pan and Neverland as a whole? Who’d stop at nothing to see his enemy taken down? Why yes, I’m indeed talking about Captain Hook, who Wendy bargains a trip to Neverland, in exchange for Pan’s own shadow! What follows is an adventure of slightly terrifying, piracy proportions, with Wendy being the only girl aboard The Jolly Roger, a formidable ghost-like type ship filled with pirates who abundance in malice, though I was pleasantly surprised that Wendy meets a helpful Pirate who ensures that she gets safe passage out of the clutches of Captain Hook. What follows throughout Straight on Til Morning is such a completely satisfying adventure filled with fairies, wonderlust, blooming friendship where jealousy was initially stemmed and such bravery with the lead up to a big battle to boot! Liz Braswell’s Wendy was absolutely a treasure to read about from start to end and this book is definitely one that all Disney fans need in their lives! Fun and adventure awaits, so go forth! πŸ™‚

Happy Reading,


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