Book Review: She by HC Warner

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Angus & Robertson:

Published in Australia on the 20th January, 2020 by HQ Fiction, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Australian RRP: $29.99

Genre: Thriller, Suspense Fiction.

Page Count: 368

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Sypnosis from HarperCollins Australia:

Brutal and brilliant, this novel will leave you breathless’ Adele Parks

‘Sent shivers down my spine … a darkly disturbing thriller about the daughter-in-law from hell, with an epic twist that turns the whole thing on its head…’ Piers Morgan

‘This dark, twisted tale makes for an inspired read’ The SunShe’s everything he dreamed of. Isn’t she?
Ben can’t believe his luck when Bella walks into his life, just when he needs her most. Sexy, impulsive and intelligent, Bella is everything he ever wanted. And Bella wants him. All to herself.
In fact, Bella decides that everything is better when it is just the two of them, making it harder for Ben’s friends and family to stay in touch. And then a sudden tragedy triggers a chain of events which throws Ben headlong into a nightmare.
Secrets, lies, vengeance and betrayal are at the heart of this utterly twisted story about a family that is destroyed when SHE becomes part of it…

My Review:

I received an ARC of She from HarperCollins Australia/Harlequin Books Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

What can I say about She? I was instantly drawn into this story, my brain straight away wondering what in the name of Dickens was going on with this perfect woman, Bella, who’s literally had a supposed random encounter with our main character, Ben. Only, we learn that it’s not random at all, as the story progresses and true agendas come to light.

The narration of this book was actually really clever! The book itself is broken down into 4 parts, part one is of course narrated by Ben – see, he’s a very likeable character! I felt sorry for him that Charlotte broke his heart, in turn, I felt bad for her that she may be lamenting breaking up with him. But of course, in saunters Bella, her unique but heart stopping beauty instantly drawing Ben to her. Initially, I thought she was totally genuine towards him, but honestly the way she was acting!! I didn’t know what to think!! What I did know though, was that I needed to know what was really going on!!

So much so, that I finished this book in one sitting!! I started it at 8:15pm thereabouts last night and here I am, 11:50pm, still reeling about what was revealed!!

She actually felt quite uncomfortable to read at times, honestly! But at the same time it’s just so well written in my opinion, I was just so drawn into this …well, mess, really. See, ever since Bella entered Ben’s life he’s finding himself having to succumb to her, quirks, shall we say. It all happens so fast, honestly the pacing of this novel was just so quick and I felt like I could see everything play out as I was reading!! See, even before we get into the real cusp of the story, at the very start we are presented with a letter from a Father to his Daughter, apologising for not being present in her life, yet assuring her, even though it won’t be possible that she’ll read this letter, that he always loved her.

This instantly lead me to think that the letter was from Ben, I wondered perhaps did his impromptu marriage to Belle take a concerning turn? Well yes, absolutely it did, but not at all how I was anticipating!!

As Bella first meets Ben’s parents, I felt like she was putting on some sort of farce…yet, I didn’t quite know why?!

Why?! definitely became a recurring feeling and question of mine as I was reading She. In Part One with Ben narrating, I definitely felt for him as he is faced with Bella announcing that she’s pregnant and on top of that, that she wants to get married right away! I initially felt that it all seemed to be a bit quick, literally the night that they met was the night that Bella became pregnant…which I know does happen but I did briefly wonder if she had fleetingly had a previous rendezvous and was trying to say that Ben was the Father. In addition, I wondered what triggered Bella’s deathly temper! I mean, she’d practically abuse Ben when he announced he’s invited his closest friends over, I mean I get her wanting to spend time with just him but it was so horrible how she practically cuts him off from everything that he knows!! I mean she has zero sympathy when his own Dad dies….. why?!

See, this is where it gets really interesting. Part Two was narrated by Bella herself, telling her side of their first meeting and everything- and I loved getting to see the mind to the madness, as it were. To me, Bella was absolutely mad….but…when the truth was revealed I was absolutely shocked at what had transpired in her past, I felt horrified for Ben, disappointed for his Mum…and just downright sorry for Bella! I never would have envisioned what was revealed as the truth but there it was!! Furthermore, in Bella’s narration, we learn about how and why everything in Bella and now Ben’s life came to be, and the repurcussions. Trust me, there’s definitely plenty of them! I just felt so bad for Bella during the time where she thought she was so happy in love in her life prior to Ben, honestly if she just did some deep breathing and thought about moving on, maybe things may have become less grizzly.

Alas, that certainly wasn’t the case with Bella, for her narration just goes to show the extreme levels obsession some people go to when they want to exact revenge!! I was just so shocked by the sheer carelessness of Bella!! I mean I don’t at all doubt that she didn’t love Elodie, but honestly when that fiery anger consumed her…I was pretty terrified! I just felt so uncomfortable that Bella was trying to play the victim in all this, her thoughts just being so malicious towards Ben’s family! I don’t blame them for thinking so badly of Bella, she was truly so conniving!!

This was just such a unique read, truly unlike anything I’ve ever read before! I will definitely be recommending She to anyone who loves a great, twisted Thriller and I know this book and it’s characters will be staying with me for a long while yet!

Happy Reading,


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