Book Review: Belle Takes Flight by Kathy McCullough

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Australian RRP: $12.99

Published in Australia in January 2020 by Scholastic Books.

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction.

Page Count: 215

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The spell may be broken, but Belle’s adventures have just begun! This original middle-grade novel continues the story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!
The spell that turned the Prince into the Beast has been broken. But when he mysteriously goes missing, Belle learns that he is being held prisoner by a far-away kingdom under a spell of their own. Now it’s up to her to rescue him. With the help of Lumiere, Cogsworth, and several new friends, Belle sets out on a quest that takes her farther than she’s ever gone before. This original hardcover middle grade novel based on the beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is perfect for fans of The Descendents and other older Disney books.

My Review:

I received a copy of Belle Takes Flight from Scholastic Books Australia in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I absolutely adored this book! It was just such a fun adventure and could completely picture the characters performing the actions and saying their lines throughout the book! It was written so true to the Disney Beauty and The Beast canon, it was just glorious!

Belle Takes Flight takes place after the events of Beauty and The Beast, where fruition has been brought back to The Prince, his castle and his staff, after Belle breaks the curse that had plagued them for so long!

One of the many great things about Kathy McCullough’s writing was how brilliantly and real that these characters were written: I mean we have wonderful, adventurous, bookish Belle: determined to rescue the Prince when she learns that he’s mysteriously gone missing and seemingly locked in a dungeon in a castle in a town that she’s initially not aware of! I love how she’s so determined and definitely not afraid of a challenge, I mean she will stop at nothing to see that The Prince is rescued, even if it means running into potential danger!

Then we have these guys….

I utterly adore Lumiere and Cogsworth! I know the above gif shows them in their household forms, but in Belle Takes Flight they are definitely not a candle and clock! (I just couldn’t resist using this gif!). However, Lumiere and Cogsworth as humans possess every eon of zest and passion (especially Lumiere, always so gallant and chivalrous!), and Cogsworth, forever the loyal butler of perfectionist proportions!

The Prince though! He has such a high regard for Mrs Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere and of course his darling Belle – but in Belle Takes Flight there is a dark undertone to his mindset! Poor Prince Adam, whilst free of the curse that had him appear as a beast, he’s still tormented from the family he couldn’t help! It was completely heart wrenching learning about Prince Adam’s Aunt, beloved twin Sister to his own Mother, who wasn’t faring too well! The Prince had no idea of his Aunt’s condition and when he did learn, it was too late to help!

This was honestly just such a wonderfully bookish adventure of a book! I loved the journey from the Castle to the tiny village where the Prince is imprisoned, it was just so exciting seeing Belle and Lumiere and Cogsworth band together (honestly, there’s just so much fondness between everyone, it warms my heart! I love their friendships so much!), to rescue their beloved Prince! We also meet some cute and curious supporting characters, all of whom add such great elements to Belle Takes Flight! It’s definitely a must read for any Disney fans of any age!

Happy Reading,


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