Book Review: Maleficent – Mistress of Evil by Elizabeth Rudnick

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Published in Australia in October 2019

Aus RRP: $12.99

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction

Page Count: 277

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


A deluxe novelization of the Walt Disney Pictures film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, starring Angelina Jolie.

This visually stunning live action film continues the fantasy adventure started in the “origin” story of Maleficent. This sequel explores the complex relationship between the horned fairy and Princess Aurora, as they face new threats to the magical land of the Fair Folk.

The movie stars Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie in the titular role, and is directed by Oscar-nominated Joachim Rønning (Kon-Tiki, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). The film co-stars Elle Fanning (Super 8) as Princess Aurora and Golden Globe-recipient Michelle Pfeiffer (The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Wizard of Lies) as Queen Ingrith. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil also features Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave, Doctor Strange), Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1), and Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread).

My Review:

I absolutely devoured this book! It completely blew me away! Once I got into the story, set after the events of the first movie, of course – where Aurora is trying to maintain her Realm. There’s definitely troubles, though, as the Fae folk can’t help but notice some of their kind are going missing, not turning up without a trace or even a whisper of their whereabouts!

As it happens, not all is exactly healthy with the human realm, with a traitor in their midst, plotting the downfall of not only all of the Fae but also some of their own!

What stood out to me the most when reading this and I wasn’t surprised at all given the impact of the previous and first installment, Malificent, was how much love and heart that was embedded throughout this book! Between Aurora and Maleficent, and of course the to be wedded Aurora and Phillip. Of course though, this is where it started to get angsty and heart wrenching, it was just so heartfelt! I felt the characters pain and hurt! See, Aurora and Phillip as we know utterly adore one another, but Aurora adores Maleficent too, essentially she’s the surrogate Mother that raised Aurora so beautifully, I just felt how much they love one another!The hurt when Maleficent thinks Aurora would choose her future Mother-In-Law over her (it just hurt so much!) and the anger that built in Maleficent at this, only to be escalated by finding out that there are actually more Dark Fey, more of her kind….just, wow!

But really, what catapults everything into chaos is a dinner plotted by …well, I’m not at all going to say, but lets just say someone has a huge hidden hatred for the Fey! What followed was such an epic, nail biting quest for revenge, but with a hope of literal unity between the humans and Fae!

An absolute must, must read for any Disney fans!

Happy Reading,


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