Book Review: The Blessed Girl by Angela Makholwa

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Published on the 3rd September, 2019 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary.

Page Count: 292

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Australian RRP: $37.99 (Hardback)

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Angus & Robertson:

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Young, beautiful and ambitious, Bontle Tau has Johannesburg wrapped around her finger. Her generous admirers are falling over themselves to pay for her Mercedes, her penthouse, and her Instagrammable holidays. It’s her duty to look fabulous – after all, people didn’t sacrifice their lives in the freedom struggle for black women to wear the same cheap T-shirts they wore during apartheid.

Bontle’s come a long way, and it hasn’t been easy. Her shrink keeps wanted to talk about a past she’s put firmly behind her. And what she doesn’t think about can’t hurt her, can it?

My Review:

I recieved a copy of The Blessed Girl in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Blessed (adj). – pronounced bles-id – meaning: The state of being blessed, often referring to a person, usually female, who lives in a luxurious lifestyle funded by an older, often married partner, in return for sexual favours.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Bontle, our main character, is a 20-something powerhouse, of sorts: building business from scratch, which I can definitely admire, although her choice in idol seems questionable (Trump, really?), but still, Bontle on the surface read as mildly likeable character, she has indeed works hard to keep her business going, she’s a celebrated figure, deeply admired and sought after by many men, all while having her own string of men indulging her, giving her fancy clothes, handbags, Mercedes Cars, even around the world expenses paid trips! I personally though could not envision this lifestyle, I mean Bontle makes it quite known that her various blessers are indeed married! It just seems so strange! Like, these men can’t leave their wives (are they scared? Or do they just not want to?) I mean, there’s a scene towards the latter part of this book where one of Bontle’s men is confronted by their wives, who essentially just hurls a violent rage of words at Bontle herself and threatens her, to me, the whole notion of sleeping around seems so uunnecessary! Like, really? I definitely am no expert on men, but it just seemed a bit strange that they’d cry back to their wives for forgiveness and in turn beg Bontle for forgiveness too!

What I also couldn’t quite understand was why Bontle was so stubborn to admit that she still loves her husband, well, her soon to be ex. I mean, she cheated on him when he was too busy with work and getting caught up in drugs and practically begs him for a divorce, but then when things start to go downhill for Bontle and her many men, she realizes that her former husband was the only one to get her heart a-flutter! It’s like, honey, you tell us that we’ll be thankful for your tips on winning over men, but really?

I must admit though, I found this book to be laugh out loud, outrageously addictive and frankly honest! Bontle truly has no filter, honestly! She’s so blatant in her descriptions and actions! Like, she meets and instantly determines that she’s wanting to conquest Mr Emmanuel, even if he’s sleeping with one of her closest friends! It just felt so extreme and petty, in a sense! Like, why? Oh, because Mr Emmanuel is rich and drop dead gorgeous, it’s like, c’mon. As pretty as he may be, he has a temper that isn’t and I just couldn’t believe how enraged he got! He was so annoyed even at the mere thought of Bontle sleeping with someone else, and when he hears that his other girlfriend is sleeping around, he gets even more annoyed! It’s like, hypocritical, much?

Yet, in a sense, the book was so addictively engaging in its outrageous ways! I felt like I was drawn into Bontle’s opulent lifestyle, and as she starts her downward descent, I did find myself hoping that everything would be okay for her, even if some of her grief was self inflicted, in my opinion. That’s not to say that I didn’t feel sorry for her, no, not at all – especially when we learn that not all is what it seems with her relationships with certain family members….though yes, I’m utterly trying to be mysterious here because I just didn’t see that reveal coming!

I can definitely easily say that I’ve not read anything like this before, that is for sure! I finished it in two days, as well! It’s definitely a roller coaster of excessive indulgence and a pampered lifestyle, with doses of a harsh reality thrown in, too! It’s definitely a great Silly Season read, something to read over Summer where you can just relax and float along with the indulgence!

Happy Reading,


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