AusYABloggers Blog Tour Stop: Aim – The Subjects #1 by P.R Castle

A huge thank you to my amazing partners in crime over at @AusYABloggers for having me on the review tour celebrating P.R Castle’s first book Aim, in her Young Adult Science Fiction series. Check out the tour schedule below and don’t miss the other particpant’s reviews, too!


The door opens, and Alish steps out of the lab for the first time ever.

Can she escape?

Outside, there’s nothing, nothing but a small herd of cows, and stretches and stretches of parched red desert in all directions …

She is still trapped.

Then a helicopter flies overhead …

Salvation at last or something more sinister?

Aim is the first book in the completed Subjects Trilogy, a young adult science fiction, set in NSW, Australia, about freedom and justice. If you like action packed adventures, psychological thrillers and mysteries then
you will love Aim

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Originally Published on the 14th September, 2017.

My Review:

I’m not entirely sure I can give this book an honest rating, as I didn’t actually finish it! I generally don’t like DNF’ing books unless I absolutely feel the need to, but at the same time I feel like if I’m not enjoying something I can’t force myself to read it!

Look, I am all for a survival story- one of my favourite duologies is the Whisper series by Lynette Noni, which I had previously finished Whisper prior to starting Aim.

Possibly, to me, Aim shared some similarities to Whisper – the sterile environment, the minimalist facilities, the ruthless ringleaders that essentially torture our main characters. However, what I struggled with personally in this book was that I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, nor did I particularly care about what happened to them.

I mean, I got through 32% of Aim and even though it was pretty quick to get to that point, I feel like nothing particularly was happening, just A and B trying to escape the evil clutches of their captor. I found the fact that for the time I spent reading this book, both sisters were referred to as A and B, just kind of made them read as not as important characters as they perhaps should have been. I just found it distracting and annoying at times, both sisters didn’t at all feel fleshed out enough for me to be invested in their story.

Look, I’m not saying that Aim isn’t for everyone, it just definitely didn’t hit the spot with me. I know some people have enjoyed it and that’s great!

Happy Reading,


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