Book Review: The Rumour by Lesley Kara

Published in 2018 by Bantam Press, an imprint of Transworld Publishers.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery.

Page Count: 303

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Goodreads:

A casual comment.

There’s a killer among us.

That’s all it takes.

She stabbed little Robbie Harris.

To change a life –

She’s living under a new name.

For ever.

She’s reformed. So they say . . .

Joanna is going to regret the day she ever said a word.

My Review:

I picked this book up on a whim at the Library, instantly intrigued by the cover, 5 pairs of women’s shoes (being worn) and their wearers standing around seemingly talking and as I think about this story more, I just think the cover is so clever! The women, our main character Joanna included, would be chatting, and then Jo suddenly blurts out something which will set the course of everything she knows off track wildly!

I was utterly hooked throughout this book – I couldn’t put it down! I started it this morning and finished it a few hours later, only putting it down when I completely had to! I was craving a dark and gripping mystery, and this one definitely satisfied that need! I can’t wait to see if Lesley Kara will write another- I just found this to be so engaging and mysterious!

The mystery itself was definitely a puzzle, so dark and horrible – a young girl, 10, many years ago, having killed a 5 year old boy, before being taken away and not really hearing about since, aside from being taken away to a school of sorts, but still, never acting on a killer whim! Then we hear that possibly this killer has reinvented herself in this very small village, but no one knows who she might be living as now! I must admit, I felt like I had an idea shortly after getting stuck into the story, although I was definitely wrong about that! It struck me as I was reading this book that I didn’t know at all who to trust throughout, but I wholly adored Joanna, our narrator, who finds herself caught up in this dark mystery, all for blurting out something because she felt that it would possibly make her fit in better with the other Mothers’ at her Alfie’s school – I mean, she wants her young son to have friends, she finds out through her Mother that the other kids won’t sit with him, and I did feel bad for the kid! So yes, I was definitely sympathising with Jo throughout the story- I loved also her interactions with her son, how worried she was about him, it all felt very natural! In fact, I love how everything in this book flowed so well, it was so engaging and definitely kept me guessing right through to the end!

I’ll leave it there, but I will say if you’re looking for a thrilling mystery, look no further! This one was remarkable and I definitely recommend!

Happy Reading,



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