Book Review: Troll Mountain by Matthew Reilly

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Published in 2016 by Pan Australia

Genre: Middle Grade/Teenage Fantasy Fiction, Magical Realism.

Page Count: 240

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Pan Macmillan Australia:


When his sister falls ill to a deadly disease, a brave teenaged hero named Raf discovers that the trolls of Troll Mountain possess an elixir that will cure the terrible illness.


And so Raf embarks on a heroic quest: to penetrate the dark lands of the trolls and get to the highest, most securely-guarded tower of Troll Mountain.


Only one thing stands between Raf and the object of his quest: an entire mountain full of trolls.

‘The perfect bedtime read that would sit on the shelf next to the fantastical journeys of Bilbo Baggins and Harry Potter.’ – The Daily Telegraph
‘pure escapism, it is also a thoughtful comment about societal decay.’ – Toowoomba Chronicle

My Review:

Well, I can’t not give this 5 stars – I practically read it in one sitting, wholly entranced by the sinister trolls that occupy Troll Mountain itself, denying humans their water supply, practically enslaving them, only giving them sparse food.

Enter Raf, brave Raf, who does not even hesitate to venture to Troll Mountain where an elixir sits in the tallest terrain, guarded by a wise troll that the menacing troll King keeps captive to work on these supposedly cure-all potions – I just couldn’t put this story down and did find it in the same vogue as Harry Potter or even Percy Jackson, an amazing story of the highest caliber!

Who does he seek the potion? His sister, who always looked after him, is stricken with a deadly illness, something supposedly that only the elixir can cure. I absolutely adored the devotion Raf and his sister had for one another, it was just so beautifully and emotionally written! I could feel Raf’s helplessness at seeing his sister in such a weakened state and I knew I couldn’t not finish this book in one sitting, for want, no need, to know how it would all unfold!

I cannot at all fault any aspect of this book, I could visualise everything from the daunting peak of Troll Mountain where Raf bravely ventured, I could feel his determination and I felt like I was right there alongside him, cheering him on as he tries to succeed in his very brave and wholly daring quest!

I also love the elements of surprise throughout, from when Raf makes an extraordinary call to save someone from an almost certain drizzly fate, to the unlikely bond that was made as a result of this!

It just warmed my heart and yes, I’m definitely purposely leaving the who to mystery because I feel like anyone who reads this book will be drawn in to this fast paced adventure, just as I was!

I loved all of the friendships surrounding Raf in this story, everything was just so brilliantly and well thought out and I could easily hear the dialogue between the characters in my mind as I read, which definitely includes hearing the booming, chill inducing trolls, to the screeching cackle of the hobgoblins, to the eerie howling of the wolves. Utterly memorable and will stay with me for some time yet!

A big thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of this book to review, I’ll be recommending it to everyone!

Happy Reading,


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