Book Review: Scorch Dragons by Amie Kaufman

Book 2 in the Elementals Series

Published in 2019 by HarperCollins

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction

Page Count: 425

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Goodreads:

After the fateful battle between the ice wolves and the scorch dragons, Anders and his twin sister, Rayna, have been reunited. But there’s no time for celebrating. In the mountains of Drekhelm, Anders and his wolf friend Lisabet are perceived as threats, and only the leader of the dragons can keep them safe.

When the temperature starts to drop all over Vallen, they learn the wolves have stolen a weather-altering artifact called the Snowstone, and every dragon, including Rayna, is now in deathly danger. Desperate to broker peace, Anders enlists the help of a few new flame-breathing friends to stop the wolves’ next plan of attack.

Together, these former rivals must go on a dangerous quest to find the scattered pieces of the Sun Scepter, the only artifact that can counteract the Snowstone. Because if either device goes unchecked, all hope for a truce will be lost.

My Review:

This is hard for me to say, because:

A) I adore Amie Kaufman – she’s honestly one of my favourite authors! And –
B) I loved Ice Wolves, it was one of my favourite reads of last year!

I mean, the friendships in this book were as endearing as ever – as where Reyna and Anders’ utterly precious sibling bond, but, I just feel like this one, in my opinion, lacked the adventure and excitement and surprise that Ice Wolves held! I mean, I adore wolves and dragons, but still, I just found this as a whole to be underwhelming. Like, I felt the plot didn’t really get moving until half way through and sure there were a few revelations that were announced regarding Anders and Reyna that made me “oh, you can’t do that! My heart!” – but even that didn’t have me engaged wholly in the story.

In Ice Wolves, I found the pacing to be super fast paced, the element of surprise and curiosity was always there! Like, we learn that it’s so rare (actually, unheard of), that siblings would not both turn into the same creature, which just filled me with so much wondering of what was going on and just wanting to know more about the history of the ice wolves and scorch dragons – so I had been so excited to read this book, and while it did carry over into that history, I just found myself sadly being underwhelmed by this second installment.

I don’t know if I’ll read the third book, curiosity definitely wants me to, and given how much I loved Ice Wolves, I just really hope the third book is an epic conclusion to this series! *wistful sigh*

Happy Reading,


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