Book Review: All the Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins

Published in 2019 by Bloomsbury

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Page Count: 357

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Goodreads:
A warm, witty, important story about being a young woman today, and what it’s like to find a real connection amid all the noise. Perfect for fans of Holly Bourne and Laura Steven’s The Exact Opposite of Okay.

Vetty’s family is moving back to London, and all she can think about is seeing Pez again. They were inseparable when they were small – roaming the city in the long summers, sharing everything. But everyone’s telling her it’ll be different now. After all, a boy and a girl can’t really be friends without feelings getting in the way, can they?

Vetty thinks differently … until Pez tells her she’s ‘not like other girls’. But what does that even mean? Is it a good thing or not? Suddenly she’s wondering whether she wants him to see her like the others – like the ultra-glamorous March, who’s worked some sort of spell on Pez, or the girls in the videos that Pez has hidden on his laptop.

How can she measure up to them? And who says that’s what a girl is supposed to be like anyway?

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My Review: (some slight spoilers before, proceed carefully).

This was definitely an interesting one, I’m all for all of the bisexual representation in books, it’s obviously important, and it’s a confusing thing sometimes, and I feel like the author portrayed those feelings really well! I absolutely adored Hetty, and definitely felt like I was a part of her journey during this book. I definitely feel like it’s an important read, and people that feel like they’re attracted to both genders, I think, will relate to Vetty’s confusion and almost reluctance to explain how she might feel towards her family, when she’s desperately trying to keep it all together, for the sake of her little sister, Arial. I mean, their mother had recently passed away and their father initially struggles with solo parenting, which made me feel for the girl even more!

I enjoyed how much friendship played a part in this book, however, at the same time, I personally found some of Hetty’s friends slightly problematic at times. For example, I found her absolute best friend, Pez, to be a bit of (and I’m sorry to say this, to those that like him), a special snowflake, and definitely not in an encouraging way. I mean, he was upset when Vetty moved away with her family without saying a word, and that’s understandable…however, what I couldn’t fathom was how, on the anniversary of Vetty’s mother’s death, Pez goes on an almost ‘woe is me’ speech, and rather than actually focus on darling Hetty, he starts to tell her about his not so bright addictions, and literally makes her feel bad, I thought, rather than embracing her and letting her mourn. Then he’s hardly supportive of her being a film extra, it’s like come on dude!

Then we have March, a total breath of fresh air, who captures Vetty’s soul and they find they have a total superb connection, which I’m all for, I mean, we all have these people in life who’s connections we value above others. I was honestly shipping these two so hard! I thought and hoped that they would become more than friends, especially when March kissed Vetty! I mean, my heart! But alas, things definitely don’t always turn out how we like, I know, let’s just say I personally thought Vetty had more chemistry with March, and their relationship, to me, would’ve made more sense than he (Pez) who takes slightly more than he gives, in my opinion. Pez’s friend, Rob, was an interesting one, I feel like if both of them actually got to have a heart to heart, such as what was going on in their lives, they would have had a more solid, mutual friendship, rather than Rob throwing around beyond beyond stupid insults regarding Pez’s addictions, not cool.

Definitely a thought provoking read, though, I must say, she who used to read all of the books at once (well not quite, but you know? Sara, I’m looking at you (my wonderful friend who suggested I take it easy and read one at a time), which is just what I did and wouldn’t have done so differently!

Happy Reading,


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