Book Review: A Life Of Her Own by Fiona McCallum

Published in 2019 by HQ Fiction, an imprint of Harlequin Books.

Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Page Count: 405

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from HarperCollins Australia:

When knowledge gives you the power to change your life …

Alice Hamilton loved being a mature-age student, but now she’s finished her university degree she needs to find herself a career. But the job market is tough and it doesn’t help that her partner David keeps reminding her about their sizeable mortgage. When she’s offered a role in a major real estate agency, she jumps at the opportunity. David is excited by her prospects in the thriving Melbourne housing market, and Alice is pleased that she’ll be utilising her exceptional people skills.

But Alice quickly realises all is not as it seems. What is she doing wrong to be so out of sync with her energetic boss, Carmel Gold, agent extraordinaire? Alice is determined to make it work, but how much will it affect her values?

As everything starts to fall apart, a sudden visit home to the country town Alice escaped years ago provides an unexpected opportunity to get some perspective. Surrounded by people who aren’t what they seem, or have their own agendas, can Alice learn to ask for what she really wants … on her own terms?

My Review:

Review copy provided by AM Publishing in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I utterly loved this book! It took me by such a delightful surprise, I didn’t know what to expect at all from this, having not read the author before, but I’m so excited that I got the chance to review this!

The writing instantly drew me in, and I couldn’t put it down! When I was away from the book, I found myself thinking about Alice and the surprising turn of events that were impacting her life and wondering what would come next for her.

Alice, to me, is such a likeable and relatable character, having her passion for history (something I totally understand and love), But also not fully being sure about what direction her life is heading in (I mean, we’ve all been there!) and she’s just filled with this delightful need and want to try and help people, it’s just so refreshing!

It was interesting to read about those initially closest to her, from her partner David, who definitely seemed to be a bit aloof in my first impression, to Alice’s estranged mother and step father, who she definitely has a fractured relationship with and it just hurt so much the way her mother thrusts these horrible accusations at her own daughter, like, she just should be more sympathetic! (Example, there’s a scene later in the story where Alice returns home to South Australia for a loved one’s funeral, and her mother just accuses her of only coming to visit when some one dies, it’s just horrible!). Then you also meet the saltiness that contrasts Alice’s sweetness, Olivia, Alice’s own sister, who just doesn’t have the patience to listen to her own sister or think about what she’s gone through. So to say I was instantly drawn in and loved Alice right from the get go, would not even be an understatement!

I loved the writing too, how I could easily picture and feel every thing that was being conveyed on the page, from Alice’s panic at receiving senseless but nerve wracking emails with silly non-work demands from her boss, Carmel Gold, to her delight at interacting with her beloved puppy, to her torment at coming to the realisation that she isn’t receiving emotional support, frankly the most important kind, in my opinion, from her long time partner, the one who should be giving her support no matter what.

Alice’s character development was utterly wonderful and a pleasure to experience, truthfully, I loved reading about her overcoming her fears and speaking up, I just felt so proud of her! Alice honestly felt like such a friend, I miss her already! But I’m definitely glad to have been able to read this book, because I would love to read more of Fiona McCallum’s work!

Happy Reading,


About the Author:
Fiona McCallum was raised on a farm in South Australia. She now lives in suburban Adelaide, but remains a country girl at heart. Fiona writes β€˜heart-warming journey of self-discovery stories’ that draw on her life experiences, love of animals and fascination with the human condition. She is the author of ten Australian bestsellers. A Life of Her Own is her eleventh novel. To find out more, visit Fiona on her website and follow her on Facebook.

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