Book Review: Auggie & Me by R.J. Palacio

Three Wonder short stories 

380 pages

Published in 2015 by Corgi, an imprint of Random House

4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Sypnosis:

WONDER tells the story of Auggie Pullman: an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face, whose first year at school changed the lives and the perspectives of everyone around him.

AUGGIE & ME is a new side to the WONDER story: three new chapters from three different characters – bully Julian, oldest friend Christopher and classmate Charlotte – giving an insight into how Auggie has touched their own lives. Thought-provoking, surprising, infuriating, heartbreaking and heartwarming, AUGGIE & ME is a must-read for the thousands of readers who loved WONDER.

My Review:

Okay, so I’ll review this as separate short stories, but let me just say that I really enjoyed these! I initially mislead myself and thought this was a sequel, but I was excited to learn that it’s a prequel, kind of. Well, it runs parallel to the story of Wonder, but is told in the perspective of three different characters that had very different interactions with Auggie. I enjoyed each short story, some more than others, and liked discovering how each narrator was connected to Auggie, it made me feel so nostalgic and definitley gave me all the Wonder feelings and memories! 

The Julian Chapter:

Julian is a character that definitley irked me in Wonder, initially. Like, I remember reading his scenes and thinking: “really? What gives you the right to treat Auggie like that, just because he looks different? And would you like it if someone treated you like that?” So I was definitley curious once I started reading this first short story, and honestly it had me feeling so much! Of course, nothing excuses Julian’s sense of entitlement, neither that of his parents, but once he learnt the errors of his ways, and after an exceptionally feely chat with his Grandmother (like really my heart), he had a great redemption tale, and it was great having that background imformation of what ran parallel to Wonder. What I really loved about the author’s writing is that she made me feel such frustration towards Julian initially, but then had me cheering at the end; but honestly it was that story where Julian’s grandmother reveals some information about someone that saved her, and how deeply this impacted Julian himself, that really got me! And hats off to his grandmother for making his parents finally see sense regarding what Julian had done. 

This was definitley my favourite of the stories! 

The Christopher Chapter:

What I loved most about this story was that it was clearly so evident how much Auggie had impacted Christopher – the pair were close friends before Christopher had to move, yet you could tell the tenderness and love between their families were still there, like, Christopher was so upset when he heard Daisy died – which lead to such a feely flashback! And when something semi scary happens to Christopher’s mum, I loved how Isabel (Auggie’s mum), reassured him via webchat that it wasn’t his fault (it really wasn’t). I loved it too when Christopher finally rang his friend and chatted about their memories as younger children and Daisy. This story definitley had me feeling throughout every page! 

The Charlotte Chapter:

This one was my least favourite, only because it felt too clique-ee. Like, Charlotte and her friends hang out after school and everything, but because of their friendship circles, they sit at different tables at lunch? It seemed a bit silly to me and I suppose Charlotte is the character that had the least amount of interaction with Auggie, which is why I felt like this story wasn’t as impactful as the other two. However, it was interesting reading about the fued between Auggie and Julian from a nuetral point of view, and how even though Charlotte was chosen by Mr Tushman (the school Principal, I enjoyed their interactions in this story the most), to welcome Auggie to the school, but it was really her friend, Summer, that took the time to welcome him. 

All in all, I definitley enjoyed these, the stories were a great addition to the Wonder world! 

Until next time, happy reading πŸ“š

Brooklyn ☺


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