Book Review: Doctor Who: The Shining Man by Cavan Scott

Why yes, that is a Snapchat filter on Bill Potts. I have way too much fun with those on book covers 😉 

Published in 2017 

254 pages

5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Sypnosis: 

“Being scared is the least of your worries.”

The Shining Men are everywhere. You spot them out of the corner of your eye. Abnormally tall, with long lank hair, blank faces and blazing eyes. If they catch you, they’ll drag you away to who knows where. No one is safe. They’re on every street corner. Waiting. Watching. Shining bright.

Of course it’s a hoax. It has to be, right? It started as a joke, a prank for Halloween. Then it went viral. Idiots dressing up as monsters. Giving folk a scare. Silly masks and fright wigs. No one gets hurt. Because bogeymen aren’t real.

Until people start going missing and lights burn in the darkness. Burning like eyes.

But help is on its way, in the form of a strange man called the Doctor and his friend, Bill. The Doctor will keep us safe. The Doctor will stop the monsters. Unless the monsters stop the Doctor first…

An original novel featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill as played by Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.

My Review:

This book was freaking amazing! It was dark, and spooky, and fanatical and had a brilliant supporting cast of characters: and not only all this, but 12 and Bill were written perfectly! And this book also had fae and boggarts, and a reference to Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons – yes, I kid you not 😉 

I love how the author wasted no time in getting to the story; it opens with a young mother dealing with her young son, traumatized as he tells her about “The Shining Man”. I was instantly intrugued, and had all of the goosebumps, I couldn’t get enough – there was instant word building, as the author goes on to elaborate on The Shining Man, but are they more than just a mere urban legend made up to scare children? Well, you’ll have to read this book to find out 😉👌

I loved learning about the whole concept of The Shining Man, I was constantly kept guessing as to who or what they truly were, because as I’m sure my fellow Whovians would know, in Doctor Who, when it comes to monsters, there’s more than often meets the eye, and as things were revealed, it was brilliant, and slightly terrifying. 

The author captured 12 and Bill perfectly, I felt like both characters leapt off the page perfectly, I could hear them reading the lines and performing the actions described in the book – and I loved their interactions with the supporting characters – some of which were the most memorable amongst the Doctor Who books! I mean, we have Sammy, a mother of two young children – Noah and Masie, both of whom I was impressed with both character’s growth, what started out with sibling bickering developed into the two relying on one another for support and comfort after something devastating. I loved 12’s interactions with Noah, it was so precious! And Bill was great with them too, and she had some super cute interactions with Charlotte, who I also loved in her nerdy vlogger ways, and actually given the ending of this book, a follow up one would be fabulous! I actually feel like this book joins the rank of the best Doctor Who books that I’ve read; I mean I started it Thursday night and finished it Friday morning! I felt like I was watching a Doctor Who episode in my mind as I was reading! Flawless, and I can’t fault it – it’s definitley one I’d read again. 

I couldn’t recommend this book enough; for Whovians and anyone who wants a spooky but fanatical read;

‘Fairies, elves and boggarts, oh my!’
Happy reading,

Brooklyn. 🐉☕

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