Book Review: More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera 

Published in 2015 by Soho Press

300 pages

5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Sypnosis: 

Part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, part Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Adam Silvera’s extraordinary debut confronts race, class, and sexuality during one charged near-future summer in the Bronx. 

Sixteen-year-old Aaron Soto is struggling to find happiness after a family tragedy leaves him reeling. He’s slowly remembering what happiness might feel like this summer with the support of his girlfriend Genevieve, but it’s his new best friend, Thomas, who really gets Aaron to open up about his past and confront his future.

As Thomas and Aaron get closer, Aaron discovers things about himself that threaten to shatter his newfound contentment. A revolutionary memory-alteration procedure, courtesy of the Leteo Institute, might be the way to straighten himself out. But what if it means forgetting who he truly is?

My Review:

I have just finished this book and I’m not even sure how to do it justice in my review, but I’m definitley going to try. 

Adam Silvera had long time been on my tbr, I had always heard the most feely things about his books, so I was definitley prepared for some heart wrenching emotional reading. 

Or so I thought I was.

Nothing could prepare me for this book; as soon as I started reading it, my heart felt like it was getting torn out before getting put back together before getting torn out again; this book was so uniquely heart breaking in both it’s concept and characters. 

Would I alter some memories if given the chance; no, not personally. I believe that every single thing, or person, for better or worse, has served some purpose. 

But alas, without being too spoilery, here we have Aaron, who feels like he is the blame of several things in life, going down a path of possibly contemplating a melody alterating procedure. 

I freaking loved Aaron; my heart ached for him throughout, and I mean ached; I was so saddened by what he went through, and as we get flashbacks, I houldn’t help but feel more heartbroken for him, especislly by the ending of this novel  – see, Aaron remembers some things in his past that had me so sad and heart broken – I just wants to hug him! I feel like he, like so many others, shouldn’t have been objected to that abuse, and he was such an amazing narrator! My heart was definitley with him all the way. 

This of course is all due to the writing; Adam Silvera is now one of my favourite authors; it has been a little while since a book has left me aching! My heart was so heavy when I was reading this, and even though I understood; I was constantly like “why you do dis?” 

Ach.  But alas, the writing was so flawless and packed full of emotion, I couldn’t help but feel every step of the way, and I loved all of the side characters, and honestly want more! This is definitley a new favourite- 

I can’t fault this book; Aaron, you will never be forgotten, don’t you worry. 💕

I’ll definitley be diving in to “History is All You Left Me” shortly.  

I’ll leave it there, until next time, happy reading💕

Brooklyn 🌹

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