Book Review: Doctor Who – Decide Your Destiny – The Horror of Howling Hill by Jonathan Green

Published in 2008 by BBC Books

102 pages 

2 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Sypnosis:

Join the Doctor on his travels and influence his adventures with your decisions. Will you explore the alien planet or get back in the T.A.R.D.I.S and travel to somewhere new? Choose a direction and let the adventure begin…Each page has two options for the reader to decide what happens next and each novel has several possible endings. 

My Review:

Okay, let’s start with what I liked – I have read a fair few of these ‘Decide Your Destiny’ books, it’s definitely safe to say, like anything, I’ve enjoyed some more than others. This one, I was excited about, because it’s these two:

I love Ten and Martha: One of my first Ten episodes was ‘Blink’ and I instantly fell in love with the dynamic between these two. Of course, I then, as I rewatched, began to learn about Martha’s unrequited feelings, and felt so sad for her – but man, I admire her so much for so many reasons! And I agree with Donna, she did make The Doctor more human! 

Anyway; I totally digress, but I only really liked how Ten and Martha were portrayed. I felt David Tennant and Freema Agyeman reading their lines, and I could picture them doing their characters actions; so that was great. 

However, the writing was definitley a let down. I felt like after the first few choices, my excitement was dwindling, and the sheer repetitive nature of the book. I felt like one choice led back to the start of the story, at first, then things stopped making sense and tying together! Like, honestly! Also, a fourth character was brought in, his journey, as it were, jumped a lot throughout the book, but regardless of what I chose…nothing made sense! 

However, I do credit the author for getting Ten and Martha down so well, not all authors can do such a thing!

And I’ll leave it there, I’m always excited to read more Doctor Who inspired books! 

Happy reading,

Brooklyn πŸ“š

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