Book Review: The Loneliest Girl in The Universe by Lauren James

Published in 2017

290 pages

4 out of 5 stars

Sypnosis from Goodreads:

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met, never even spoken to – someone who is light years away?

Romy Silvers is the only surviving crew-member of a spaceship travelling to a new planet, on a mission to establish a second home for humanity amongst the stars. Alone in space, she is the loneliest girl in the universe until she hears about a new ship which has launched from Earth – with a single passenger on board. A boy called J.

Their only communication with each other is via email – and due to the distance between them, their messages take months to transmit across space. And yet Romy finds herself falling in love.

But what does Romy really know about J? And what do the mysterious messages which have started arriving from Earth really mean?

Sometimes, there’s something worse than being alone .

My Review:

This one definitely caught me unawares, I had it in my TBR for a good while, and then happened to stumble across it at Target unexpectedly, and so I grabbed a copy and quickly became more excited to read it. The cover instantly drew me in and when I started the book, I was instantly hooked, the writing was fast paced, the setting was so vividly captured, I felt like I was there with Romy, who I pretty much instantly adored. I longed to know what would happen next, and I honestly felt like this could’ve been a potential favourite. When ‘J’ entered the story, the intrigue was definitely raised and I was dying for the characters to meet! I love how Romy found solace in one of her favourite tv shows, whilst being alone in space, she was constantly tormented by her demons, whether it be her anxiety, paranoia or general feelings of not being wanted. J had his own angst, and I love how the characters e-mail communications really felt like the two were confiding in one another. And I wanted to know what would happen next!

And then, plot twist.

For me, it practically killed the vibe of J’s character, like really? I get why the author did it, but I felt like it made NO SENSE?! And it came out so suddenly, and I hated how it all made Romy feel. Way to play with all our emotions, I felt like J’s character was unnecessary, after what I read! The ending felt very muddled, but aside from that, I really loved this book!

Happy reading 🙂

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