Book Review: The Love Killers by Jackie Collins

Originally published in 1974 under the title, Lovehead.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Pages: 194

Sypnosis from Goodreads:

POWERFUL MEN, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN AND EXQUISITE REVENGE… Beth, Lara and Rio– three exotic women with a common cause and vengeance in their hearts.

They’re out to avenge a murder and they’ll go to any lengths. Their targets: the heirs of the Bassalino crime family. Their weapon: sex. The result: a bloodbath of sexual mayhem through the lethal corridors of organized crime.
Three beautiful women set out to prove that when it comes to revenge, the female is far deadlier than the male– especially when they’re “The Love Killers”…
Let’s talk about the plot:

So when Lara, Rio and Beth find out who ordered the hit on their beloved Margaret, they want revenge; and what is most important to Enzio? His three sons. 

Three sons, three ladies; the plan, each lady will seduce and destroy a son. 

But of course nothing goes to the exact plan. 

Let’s talk about the characters – SPOILERS ahead :

Margaret, a women’s rights activist, who is killed in the first chapter. It’s her assassination that set the wheels in motion for the story.

Beth, one of Margaret’s half sisters, who is a young woman with a child of her own. Although thought to be too innocent to get swept up in the revenge acts, Beth is adamant and sets the task of seducing Frank, Enzio’s favourite son. Needless to say that doesn’t go to plan, well it does but tragedy strikes, and Beth flees to be with her child and boyfriend, shocked at what had happened (essentially Anna Maria, Frank’s wife, catches them in the act, but Anna Maria is pregnant. Frank, being the loudmouth he is, totally flips and accuses his wife of spying on him, causing her to hurl some physical abuse her way. Beth tries to help but long story short Anna Maria is injured, and her unborn baby and herself pass away in hospital shortly after).

Frank was honestly such a pig, just like his father, the golden son, loved by his parents the most. A semi doting father to his own children and careless to his wife, Frank immediately sets his sight on Beth, who has nothing but revenge on her mind; you could definitely tell how Frank modelled himself on his father, the two were much the same in their mannerisms and Frank was the one that had the eye for the family business.

Angelo honestly is your rebel brother, not really wanting much to do with his brothers or father, who frankly scares him, Angelo finds himself under the lure of Rio, one of Margaret’s followers and one of the women she rescued. Rio was the character I probably felt most for in this book, her ending parallels her idols’ rather poignantly. 

Enzio is a loudmouth, Italian stallion, who in his 70’s shows no signs of slowing down. He’s honestly such a nasty piece of work, he puts up with zero nonsense and hates cheaters or anything that might threaten what belongs to him.

Lara and Nick, the former being Margaret’s sister, the latter being the middle son of Enzio. Nick initially found himself enamoured with his schoolboy crush, who was enjoying the perks of dating someone almost as well as herself, but things are definitely thrown into chaos when Lara comes on the scene, and the unexpected becomes expecteded.

Rose is Enzio’s long suffering wife, through her own tragedy she is essentially a silent prisoner, and only comes out of her room to talk to her sons. When learning of her favourite sons’ death, she is catapulted into a rage of grief and sorts out her own revenge. 

Let’s talk about the writing:

Okay so you as you’re reading this might think, ‘ooh grizzly plot, horrible characters, why such a high rating?’

Jackie Collins, that’s why. She is flawless and once again this which is actually my third read of the book, was all the enjoyable! Jackie writes the Italian Mob set ups so well, and from the first page the reader feels like they are projected into the scene where Margaret is empowering women, and then shot horrifically, to when we learn about the ladies’ plans for revenge and to when the revenge gets played out. This book is witty, fast paced and there’s never a dull moment, the fact that the book is so short I definitely think adds to the potency of it. The mirror like ending to the start definitely has the questions regarding a sequel, but it’s a shame we’ll never find out. 

I recommend this book to everyone, it’s fun, fiesty, fierce and full of ‘bangs’. 

And that concludes my review, until next time, happy reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚ 

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