Fanfiction ramble: “You are my Tribe: An American Horror Story Coven” fanfiction 

I think you’d like this story: “‘You are my Tribe’- an American Horror Story fan fiction” by AmericanLoveStory on Wattpad

Note: The original characters in this story belong to Laura Morkel, with of course the originals belonging to the (let’s keep it clean here, creative, Ryan Murphy).

I direct this post to all fellow American Horror Story fans, but also to anyone who loves a great read. 

This is so much more than a great read though, its a journey. What Laura has done with Murphy’s canon is brilliant, in my opinion much more creative than Ryan himself. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I was left feeling angry and dare I say underwhelmed and enraged at Murphy’s lack of creativity towards his characters. I mean, what was their back story, why did they do what they did? Why did they think how they did? 

This story reuintes us with our favorite Coven characters, as well as some brilliant new ones. Our main focus of this story is the beautiful Misty Day, and one Edmund ‘Teddy’ Wesley, though we hear and see classic Coven characters, such as Fiona and her daughter Cordelia Goode, as well as Madison Montgomery and Queenie, Nan, Myrtle and everyone’s favorite tongueless wonder, Spalding.

But, as I mentioned, its packed full of new ideas and other characters, much more creative and unique and clever than what Murphy could’ve dreamed up. 

Laura utilizes everything under the sun to get the most out of these characters, and she connects everyone and everything together brilliantly. Taking the reader on a roller coaster of fun, heartbreak, tragedy and love, this is something for everyone, AHS watchers and non alike. 

Stay tuned, because I’ll be doing a full review of book 1 of this fic, which is “You Are My Tribe,” soon, but in the meantime, follow the link above and read on!

Happy reading,

Brooklyn. 😃

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