Book Review: The Mirror Sisters by Virginia Andrews

Published: 2016 by Simon and Schuster 

Pages: 355

Book 2 in the Mirror Sisters series

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts:

I’m all the anger right now. That was a constant ride of intensity and wondering what in the name of Shakespeare would happen next.

I never could have predicted that ending. Oh my god. What the hell, Haylee? Why would you do that? To your own sister! 
Throughout this book Haylee and Kaylee shared everything. Identical twins, raised to be the same, given the same clothes, the same everything. Their father was suppressed by their overbearing mother and each sister was suffocated and forced to copy one another. Their mother felt so blessed to have had twin girls, feeling like they were one instead of being two separate humans.
Okay so I understand Haylee for being so frustrated, but there are better ways to approach being sick of being a twin! You don’t arrange to meet up with your shady sounding online boyfriend, fake being sick and get your sister to explain to him that you’re not well! 
What’s worse? I read the start of the next book and found out Haylee did this intentionally? What the fuck girl? And then you lie to your mum and say it was Kaylee who was talking to the guy? No! 
Gosh I need book 2. Now. This has reinstated my love for VC Andrews.


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