Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Published: 2016 by Feiwel and Friends, an Imprint of Macmillan.

Pages: 453

Rating: 2🌟

Let me begin by saying I adore Marissa Meyer; her previous series, The Lunar Chronicles, is one of my all time favourites; and when I heard about this book, being a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I was so excited for this. 

Sadly the end result didn’t do it for me at all; frankly I’m disappointed. I feel like the ideas were there but it just didn’t come together all that well, it was very slow paced, I felt like not much was happening throughout the book and then the ending felt like it was a bit rushed. 

So all in all, it was very:

Let me tell you why: lets talk about the plot:

So essentially Heartless is the story of Catherine, one of the most elite and desired girls in all of Wonderland, a favourite of the King of Hearts. She couldn’t care less about his persuing of her, I don’t blame her, the King is an idiot (I’ll explain more below); Cath and her dearest friend and maidservant, Mary Anne, dream of opening the greatest bakery that Wonderland ever knew. 

It’s here that I will mention, when you read this book, arm yourself with an excessive amount of sugary snacks; 

For this book with its constant mention of baked goods and sweets will send your cravings into overdrive, if you’re a sweet tooth like me. So don’t say I didn’t warn you 😁.

At a royal ball, Cath finds herself expected to accept the King’s marriage proposal; though it is there that she meets the mysterious Jest, and she finds herself feeling pure attraction and curiosity towards the fellow. Despite the risks of losing her title and dowry, Cath and Jest begin a secret Courtship. 

She is determined to be the owner of her own destiny; but behind the facade of a seemingly peaceful court, nothing at all is what it seems, and magic, madness and monsters soon throw everything into chaos. 

Sounds intriguing enough, right? 

Let’s talk about the characters:

Lady Catherine. She was fine, but I just found her a bit two dimensional. I mean yeah at given times she had gall and was definitely brave, but her simpering over Jest and her fickleness between her heart and her torn loyalties to her family and duties and her heart just did not do it for me. I admire that she wanted to chase her  dream in a time where women were expected to marry and not work, but my love for her ended there. There was too much back and forth, between being forced to marry the King and wanting to be with Jest, to wanting to open her bakery. 

Mary Anne, she was a sweetheart at first, but then I just found her character was a bit bland too, I mean yeah she was a great friend to Cath, and they had their dreams, but Mary Anne had her moment of hope which ultimately ended in her betraying her friend and almost getting killed by the Jabberwock. 

The King of Hearts:

I mean I’m sure it was intentional to make him so stupid and dull and dithering, but oh gosh: his poetry was sickeningly stupid and made no sense whatsoever. For someone that wanted to marry Cath, he had no idea about romance and courtship, which led to Jest and Cath collectively suggesting that she should be courted by said King. 

It’s like:

I didn’t half mind Meyer’s take on the other characters from Wonderland lore, except for Hatta which annoyed the living daylights out of me, and it made me miss this fella:

Sadly, I can’t really sing this book any praises, because there was very little I enjoyed about it. I’m glad to be done with it; I wasn’t even moved by the sad scene towards the end. Though it did go full circle for the Queen of Hearts, and she very much was:

I honestly can’t even pick out a quote from this that I loved, truthfully. I’m surprised how disappointed I found this book, but there you go. 

That concludes my review; I hope you enjoyed it, do feel free to leave a comment. Thank you and until next time, happy reading,

Brooklyn πŸ™‚ 

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